Ruffle t-bar mid heels from Dorothy Perkins

mid-height-heelsAh, the problematic mid-height heel – so problematic, apparently, that as soon as a non-frumpy pair appears, they sell-out almost immediately!

That certainly seemed to be the case with the pink versions of these ruffle t-bars from Dorothy Perkins, anyway. They appeared on the site yesterday morning, but by the time I came to write this post, they were sold-out in all sizes. (You should still be able to grab a pair in-store, though, if you’ve set your heart on them). I can see why, too: although not a huge fan of the mid-height heel, this is actually a style I could see myself wearing, although I’d probably go for boring old black rather than the slightly-too-pink-for-my-tastes bubblegum versions.

I really like the shape of these, and the ruffle is a nice – and, of course, very fashionable – touch. The price isn’t bad either: these are just £28.

Dorothy Perkins ruffle t-bar mid heels, £28


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