New Look do Chanel: sequined toe-cap court shoes


OK, so these shoes aren’t a patch on the ones Kelly Osbourne wore earlier this week. In fact, they could only really be described as “Chanel-like” if you kind of half-closed your eyes and looked at them through your fingers. Still, if that classic, cap-toed look is what you’re after, you may just love these. I think the sequined uppers are a lot of fun, and make what can be a very mature (for want of a better word) style up to date.

These are just £22 and also come in blue and pink, and while I’m not adverse to buying cheap shoes, I do think that sequins can make even an expensive shoe look cheap if they’re not done right, so this is a shoe I’d need to see in person before I’d actually buy it.

Sequin stiletto court shoes, £22, New Look


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