Red suede court shoes from Next

For those of you insisting that a lack of red footwear is all that’s stopping you participating in the Ruby Shoesdays Challenge, I’ve tracked down a pair of shoes that are not only affordable (these are just £35), but which are also simple enough to work with just about anything. Oh, and they’re red. I’m actually not sure I can resist them…

If you can’t resist them either, get them here.


  • OMG. I love them! I have the exact same pair in a bright royal blue (from New Look).

    Want them. Now. Why oh why am I waiting for a new Visa card at this exact moment? Here’s hoping they won’t be sold out by next week…

  • I went out last Saturday and bought 2 new pairs of red shoes so I could try to participate. Only $40 each @ DSW.

    One’s a high heel red patent sandal with a wood-effect heel & small platform.

    The other’s a low red suede round-toe wedge (also wood-effect heel) — they look a lot like a plain red ballet flat, so they should be super-easy to wear when none of my other red pairs will work.

    My new total # of red shoes is 6 (3 closed-toe, 3 sandals). 🙂

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