Mojo Moxy ‘Bunny’ lavender tie-front pumps

Mojo Moxy 'Bunny' lavender tie-front pumps Mojo Moxy 'Bunny' lavender tie-front pumps

Mojo Moxy ‘Bunny’ lavender tie-front pumps, $79.99

This is the second pair of lavender shoes I’ve featured this week (Do I spot an incoming trend, I wonder? I certainly hope so…), and to be completely honest, they’re almost too sweet to be wholesome, with that sugary upper, dotted with little lazer-cut flowers. Don’t worry, though: if pastels aren’t your thing, there’s also a tan version (Which I LOVE) and a black one, both of which should be easier to style. Strictly for blogging purposes, however, I’m choosing to focus on the lilac version, because they’re definitely the most unusual of the three, and, well, we may as well continue to enjoy these pretty pastels while we have the chance, don’t you think?

Whichever colour you go for, however, it’s the shape that really makes these shoes special. They’re totally different from most of the other styles we’re seeing so much of right now, and that makes for a very refreshing change. The high heel and tie-front style gives them a vintage-inspired feel, while the velvet ribbon adds a touch of luxury. I’ve always loved shoes which fasten with a ribbon rather than the usual laces  – it’s such an easy substitution to make, but one which makes a lot of difference.

These are just $79.99, which I think is a pretty decent price, especially considering that the upper is leather. As for how to style them, I allowed the vintage feel of the shoe to inspire my outfit selection here, choosing a pretty floral sundress, with just a touch of lavender to compliment the shoes:

lavender shoes and floral dress

Vintage-inspired summer look with floral dress and lavender shoes:

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