Dune Hackle D brogue shoe boots

Black and tan brogue shoe boots

My town doesn’t have a Dune, but it does have a Debanhams which has recently started stocking the brand, much to my excitement (and to Shoeperman’s despair). That means I’ve been able to inspect these brogue shoe boots in person a couple of times recently (purely for research, as always), and the verdict? Love them. And trust me: they’re SO much nicer in person than they are in the photos: I’d seen them on the Dune website a few times, and thought they were nice, but nothing more. In person, however, they proved to be the kind of shoes you just can’t walk past without stopping to pick them up and inspect them, and that’s a very good sign!

Another good sign? These are currently on sale, and are down to just £55 from the original £110, making them a bit of a bargain, too. Of course, as you’d expect from a sale, not all sizes are available online, but there seemed to be plenty in store, so hopefully you should be able to track them down somewhere!

Click here to buy them from the Dune website.


  • I like brogues and patent leather, so… I love these ones! The colors match in a parfect way, they look elegant with a bit of a “quirky” touch, if I expressed myself properly… very beautiful!

  • School shoes? Are you kidding? These are nice shoes. Everyone will be asking “where did you buy them? They look great.” It something about them. I feel like you can’t go wrong wearing a pair of brogue shoes.

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