Yellow court shoes with metal toe caps from Zara

Zara lemon toecap shoes

Toe-cap shoes are absolutely everywhere right now, but I think these ones from Zara are amongst the best of the bunch so far. Aside from the lemon yellow colour, which I can already tell I’m going to be wearing a lot of this summer, these have a few other interesting details, most notably the metal used on the toe and heel, which creates a nice contrast with the pastel upper.

Zara toecap shoes

The shape of the heel is also interesting, and they’ve used a cutaway section at the base to create an almost industrial feel which, again, contrasts with the rest of the shoe:

Zara lemon toecap shoes

These sound like they shouldn’t work, but somehow they do, and I think they’d be perfect with all of the pastel coloured trousers and jeans which are currently flooding the stores (and which will hopefully soon be flooding my closet, too!).

These are £69.99: click here to buy them at Zara.


  • I was ready to dismiss them (the yellow is …to pale? the back is cut weird?) but then the ‘view from the top’ gave me pause. I feel like the metal to would be an unexpected touch peeking from under the trousers, and the color combo makes it practically a neutral.

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