Schuh ‘Dirty Dancing’ polka dot bow heels

navy and red polka dot shoes with bows

Schuh ‘Dirty Dancing’, £35

Polka dots and bows? Navy and red? Those are two combinations that almost always render a pair of shoes irresistible to me, as I’m sure you already know, if you’ve been reading here for a while. These shoes, however, didn’t quite do it. Oh, I love the colours and I love the dots – you can pretty much take that as read. When you add the mid-height heel, the ankle strap and the giant bow, though, I think you end up with a shoe which is a little too cartoonish for its own good: or maybe just too cartoonish to be a perfect fit for my closet.

That’s not to say these won’t be a great fit for yours, though, and if you’re a fan of mid-height heels, then these shoes offer yet another opportunity to buy a pair that actually look fun, rather than frumpy. These are named after the movie Dirty Dancing, and the shape does remind me of a classic dance shoe, so I’m sure these would be comfortable if you wanted to take them out for a night of dancing, “dirty” or otherwise!

If you like the shape but not the print, meanwhile, you might be interested to know that these also come in plain black, and you can find them at Schuh.

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  • I love them, they don’t look cartoonish to me, though I have to say that I’d like them even more if the soles were a darker shade, navy, for instance. They remind me of a Rocket Dog pair (Stella) I got a few years ago, which are now at their death bed.

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