Office ‘Show Stopper’ gold platform sandals

Office gold platform sandals

The Shoes: Office ‘Show Stopper‘, £65

It’s another pair of platforms (Is it just me, or are they starting to crop up more and more frequently again?), and this is another shoe pick which was totally inspired by a dress. This dress, in fact:

green Warehouse dress

This is from Warehouse, it’s £70, and on the face of it (If a dress can be said to have a “face”, that is…) it’s pretty much perfect. I love the forest green colour, which is one of my favourite shades for autumn. I love the midi-length hem, and the vintage-inspired shape. I even like the cut-out section at the back, which isn’t a feature I normally welcome in a dress. (I mean, what kind of bra are you supposed to wear with a cut-out dress, seriously?)

So far, so good. As much I like all of the individual elements of this dress, as a whole, it’s a little less appealing, and the photos of it on the model don’t seem to do it justice. It’s possible that she’s just wearing the wrong size (I’ve noticed quite a few brands putting models in too-big dresses lately: WHY?), but in those shots, it looks a little too long, and a little bit droopy and sad.  What it needs, I’ve decided, is not only to fit properly , but to be worn with an amazing pair of shoes. Which brings me to Office’s aptly-named ‘Show Stopper’.

These shoes might not have made it onto ShoeperWoman if it wasn’t for the dress. Oh, they ARE show stoppers, don’t get me wrong – and they’re also a little bit reminiscent of YSL’s ‘Tribute’ sandals, too. But they really come into their own when combined with the right dress, and I’m hoping this is it. Although platforms aren’t exactly the height (no pun intended) of fashion right now, they DO have their uses. I like to keep a few pairs around, for instance, purely because they work well with certain dresses and skirts. Midi lengths are all well and good, and I much prefer them to shorter hems, but there’s no denying they can look frumpy if you’re not careful. Wear them with a glamorous pair of gold platform sandals, however, and you need not fear the frump: because I think it would be pretty difficult to make any outfit look frumpy with a pair of shoes like these, don’t you?

green dress and gold sandals



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