Leather ‘feather’ ankle boots from River Island

feather-anke-bootsRiver Island have just added a selection of new ankle boots from their “Premium” (read: “Slightly more expensive than usual”) collection onto their website, and among them I spotted these feather-embellished ankle boots. Of course, the feathers aren’t real – they’re made of leather – but even so, their presence on these boots is definitely different, isn’t it?

Personally, I’m not keen on feathers. I don’t know why, it’s just one of those things that turn me off things (and if they’re real feathers, I have to admit, I find them a little bit creepy for some reason), so my bank balance is safe from these. What do you think, though? Are they unusual in a good way, or unusual in a bad way?

Either way, they’re £140 from River Island.


  • I really like them! And If they weren’t £140 I would probably buy them.

    What is it with high street stores significantly inflating their prices? I’m not going to pay those prices from a high street store EVER. Especially not when you can getMarc Jacobs and Chloe etc past season stock for just a little more on Yoox.
    .-= Janine´s last blog ..Mechante Gold Python Pumps =-.

    • I know, some of prices are getting really high. I think this is why I rarely buy shoes from the mid-price ranges now: I always find myself thinking, “Well, for not too much more I could have a pair of on-sale Louboutins”, and that always makes me think twice!

  • Serious rip-off, but then thats River Island all over…I toally agree with Janine. I’ve seen lots of really decent makes really cheap recently so whats th point spending loads of money on some mid-range high street brand(which doesn’t really seem to be that amazing really but maybe thats just me being bitter that they don’t make many clothes to fit me…) when you could spend your pennies on some really amazing things…

    in regard to the boots, don’t really like them and I don;t think many people would be able to pull them off either…

  • I LOVE these! I wear VERY plain clothing and usually choose over the top accessories to define an outfit, so these would be right up my street. Plus with their neutral color, I could wear them with just about everything I own! I think the price is a little high though for a high street brand. But if and when they went on sale, I might consider them.

  • Where can i buy these boots now i am desperate for a pair!! size 4 🙂
    i didnt get the chance to buy them as i live in cyprus

  • Where can i buy these boots now i am desperate for a pair!! size 4
    i didnt get the chance to buy them as i live in cyprus

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