KG Kurt Geiger ‘Jessie’ platforms

KG Kurt Geiger 'Jessie' platforms


KG Kurt Geiger 'Jessie' platforms


KG Kurt Geiger 'Jessie' platforms


KG Kurt Geiger ‘Jessie’ platforms, £160

WHOA. That’s… a whole lotta look, isn’t it? Now, I have to admit, I have a fairly strong bias against anything fluorescent: I HAD hoped we’d seen the last of it after last summer, but it seems like it’s going to stick around a little longer – at least if these KG Kurt Geiger ‘Jessie’ platforms are anything to go by.

These come in three different colours: white/green, bright orange and tan/fluorescent pink. They’re all equally loud, and not just because of the bright colours: that giant platform sole would be hard to miss, too. The heel is just under 6″ tall, and covered in lace; the upper, meanwhile, is studded, and has an almost Western feel to it. As I said, it’s a whole lotta look, and way too much for my tastes: then again, I’m pretty sure my days of wearing neon platforms are far behind me (er, I’m ALSO pretty sure I’ve NEVER worn neon platforms, so that’s really a moot point), so I’m probably not part of the target audience for these.

Are you? What do you think of them?


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