Oscar de la Renta ‘Alyssa’ embellished transparent pumps

Oscar de la Renta 'Alyssa' embellished transparent pumps

Oscar de la Renta ‘Alyssa’ embellished transparent pumps, £859

These are shoes that look like they belong on the red carpet: which is appropriate enough, given that that’s where we’re most likely to be seeing them. Well, it’s not many of us who can justify an £859 spend on shoes, is it – more’s the pity!

They’re by Oscar de La Renta – who, by the way, are absolutely torturing me right now with beautiful dresses. (Yes, it’s a cruel and unusual method of punishment, for sure…). I know this is a shoe blog, and that’s what I’m here to talk about, but other than making the obvious observations about the barely-there uppers, and the fact that these pumps look like they’ve literally been carved out of solid gold, I’m finding it hard to concentrate on them, when there are dresses like this to steal my attention away from them:

green tulle dress

Oscar de la Renta black and green tulle dress, £2,429

I’d like this even better if the under-layer was the same length as the top layer, because the semi-sheer look isn’t really “me”. That aside, however, it’s a true fairytale dress – and one that would look absolutely stunning with those gold shoes. Or black ones. Or green ones. Or silver ones. Or anything, really.

Oscar de la Renta silk floral print dress

Oscar de la Renta silk floral-print dress, £1,777

This one, meanwhile, has a similar shape, but a totally different feel, and it’s so bright and cheerful it has me dreaming of spring. The yellow background makes this different from many of the other floral print dresses we’ll be seeing as the weather warms up. It’ll also look good with gold, but if you’d rather go for a slightly different look, any of the colours in the print itself will work well in shoes.

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