To the Rescue: Styling barely-there sandals

red and gold high-heel sandals

Zara sandals, £29.99

ShoeperWoman reader Sidrah wrote to me recently with a question about these gorgeous Zara sandals:

“I just bought these shoes from Zara and much as I love them, I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to wear with them. You’ve done quite a few how-to-wear articles and they’re really good. I think it would be helpful if you did one on this style of shoe.”

I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me, the issue with barely-there sandals like these is that, in addition to requiring a top-notch pedicure, they can also leave you feeling a little “exposed”, so to speak. This style of shoe is fabulous at elongating the leg: in general, the more of the foot that’s revealed by a shoe, the longer your legs will look in it, but while that’s great news if you’re going for the “leggy” look, if I’m wearing shoes like these, I will generally try to balance the look out a little by going for:

1. Skirts or dresses which are knee-length or longer

2. Floaty or voluminous fabrics

3. Skinny or slim-leg trousers/jeans which hit at the ankle, thus showing off the shoes.

In terms of colours to wear with these specific shoes, the obvious approach is to go for an outfit which contains either red or gold, picking out the colours in the shoes themselves. If you don’t want to do that, though, I think red is a very versatile colour, which works with more shades than you might expect: for more suggestions, my post on what to wear with red shoes is here.

Here are a couple of outfits I’d wear with these shoes. As always, it’s hard for me to give suggestions without my own personal taste getting in the way, so I’d love to hear my reader’s take on this, too to get a mix of different styles! (P.S. I’ve linked to the specific items I’ve used here, just in case anyone’s interested, but I put these together more as general ideas than specific suggestions…)

nautical stripe outfit with red zara shoes

skirt // shell // scarf // bag 

casual look with red high heel sandals

jeans // sweater // bag // bangle


outfit with red dress and shoes

dress // watch // bag 

blue maxi dress with red sandals

dress // bangles // necklace

black skinny jeans with leather jacket and red shoes

jeans // jacket // bag // top

What would you wear with these shoes?

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