Flat, lace-up brogues: now with pointy toes, still ugly


I think the reason I hate flat, lace-up brogues so much is because they’re just so darn sensible. I am not a “sensible shoes” kind of girl. AT ALL. And basically, any kind of shoe that can be described as “sturdy” makes me think of old ladies with blue-rinse perms and tweed skirts, heading out for a “nice scone” in the village. Because where I come from, that’s exactly the kind of person who wears them. (And nothing wrong with that, I might add. It’s just not the look I tend to aim for.)

But, much to my horror, the lace-up brogue is back in fashion, and I must give Dorothy Perkins some credit for trying their best to get away from the “blue rinse” image these shoes normally conjure up for me. By making these shoes in bright red, and giving them a pointed toes, for instance, they’ve tried not to make these shoes look “sensible”. They are probably not “sturdy”. I doubt anyone would wear them to go and eat scones.

But I still hate them. And I still can’t WAIT for this trend to die.

If you’re loving them, though, they’re also available in black and grey and are £28 from Dorothy Perkins.


  • Aw…I love me some brogues! I think my attitude to shoes changed when I got a job that requires standing up all day. All my heels are for weekends only now, I can’t stand up for seven hours in anything over an inch.

    Brogues allow me to pretend I’m rocking the 1920’s androgynous look, but it is hard to wear flat shoes and feel hot.


  • I’m so all about the 1920’s and 30’s, and androgyny, so I like them too, though…not for myself. If I saw someone wearing these, it would instantly up their “cool” factor in my mind. I’m just not sure they quite fit into my “look” tho. Maybe I’m just too old.

  • I would love to find some pretty brogues. It is difficult to find pretty flat shoes that work if it rains (I walk to work and do stand a lot while at work). The pair featured here is indeed ugly, but that is because they are so pointy. Also, I (think I) am too tall to wear heels on a regular basis (and they are not work safe). I wish they would continue to sell a large variety of shoes, including brogues, but lately all brouge-style shoes seem to come with a peep toe and 5 inch heels….How about serviceable shoes that are not ugly? What are you ideas on that Amber, any recommendations?

  • I forgot to say – I only wear my brogues with well cut trousers. I see the kids these days wearing them with skirts and tights and it makes me realise how old I am!

  • @Wanderlusting – great choice, those are fab.

    I also like androgyny and could imagine 20s style two-tone black and white brogues with a tux and a sexy top to feminise the look a bit. But the red brogues don’t do anything for me.

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