Topshop ‘Roar’ flame-side sandals

Topshop flame-side sandals

I’m really pleased to see the “flame” motif from Prada’s amazing Spring/Summer shoe collection start to trickle down to the high street, in a form which is both cheaper and more wearable. As you know, I was a huge fan of all of the 50s car-inspired collection, and while Topshop’s ‘roar’ sandals aren’t a patch on Prada, they are rather cute in their own right, and they’ll also be a whole lot easier to wear than their designer sisters!

These have a black suede upper with silver trim, a shiny silver heel, and a hot pink insole: they’re £55 and you can click here to buy them from Topshop.


  • These are hot. I always feel bad spending money on black sandals because if I’m going to dress up, I want to ADD something to my outfit – like color or sparkle. But these are the opposite of a boring basic black.

  • I think the pink is too bright to go with the black. Maybe I’ve watched too much Trinny and Susannah in my life.

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