Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 14: Rinse, repeat, add leopard print

WHAT: Moda in Pelle leopard print peep toes
WHEN: Saturday, April 30th, 2011
WHERE: My parents’ garden!
WITH: Green dress (ASOS), belt (no idea), sunglasses (no idea: I broke my favourite sunnies and these were the only ones I could find on my way out the door!)

I normally try not to repeat outfits too much for my Shoe Challenge posts, purely to keep things interesting, so I hadn’t actually intended to photograph this particular outfit. These shoes aren’t going to save themselves, though, (especially not at the rate I keep acquiring new ones) so when Shoeperman suggested grabbing the camera and taking some photos, I figured I may as well strike another pair off the list while I can!

These shoes are by Moda in Pelle, and I picked them up a few years ago in TK Maxx:

The suede uppers are as soft as butter, which makes them super-comfortable to wear.

This dress is a bit of a chameleon, which seems to change colour every time I photograph it. In real life, the green is a bit deeper than it looks here – the sun was very bright when these were taken!

Quick guest appearance from Shoeperdog:

He looks like he’s trying to tell me something here. I hope it was “buy shoes”…



  • Well done! The dress is very beautiful, reminds me of Rouland Mouret’s style! At first I thought the color was turquoise, but I know how sometimes the camera doesn’t get the real shade – you said it’s green, I do believe it! (Once I bought a pair of “turquoise” shoes. On internet they looked so, arriving, they were mint green…) The shoes are lovely (the whole combination!) Sad that your favorite sunglasses broke, but these ones are also great!

    • It does look turquoise here, but it’s really green- it’s a shame, because it’s an amazng colour, but I never seem to manage to get it to look right in photos! Ah, well. I’m in despair about my sunglasses – the ones I have keep breaking constantly, and these ones leave huge marks on my face every time I wear them. Looks like I need to go shopping 🙂

  • This is great, particularly because it was spur of the moment! Now we know that you ALWAYS look amazing, it’s not just dressing up for photoshoots ;-P

  • I love this outfit, as for the leopard shoes they are fab! I love leopard print and had given my daughter my leopard shoes so have been looking for new ones, I think I found the ones from Miss KG really high with an inside platform, plus a friend can get 50% off any Kg shoes!

  • Green is SO your colour! Whatever shade is it, or is meant to be. 🙂 I have no leopard print shoes and it’s really starting to bother me.

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