Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 13: Swingin’

WHAT: Red canvas wedges, River Island
WHEN: Sunday, May 1st, 2011
WHERE: Rossyln Castle and Traquair House
WITH: Polka dot dress (Collectif via eBay), red bow belt (probably New Look)

Yes, readers, it’s true: you all thought I just joked about being a Shoeperhero, but nope, I can ACTUALLY fly. Well, I can when I’m on a swing, anyway…

The swing in question was in the grounds of Traquair House, which dates back to the 12th century, and is Scotland’s oldest continuously inhabited house. As with Glamis Castle, which we visited last week, Terry and I have been to Traquair before, and done the tour of the house, but the weather on Sunday was so beautiful we figured the grounds would be a nice spot for a picnic, so off we went.

And once again, I wore a pair of red canvas wedges:

These are the shoes I bought last year to replace these ones. I’d like to say these will be the last red canvas wedges I’ll feature here for a while now, but I think we all know that would be a lie, don’t we?

This was actually taken at Rosslyn Castle, which we stopped off at en route to Traquair. It’s next to the more famous Rosslyn Chapel: we’ve been to both, but much prefer the castle, which is a little more off the beaten track (there were around 70 people queuing to get into the chapel when we passed it), and pretty unique. It’s not a busy place, but I managed to clock up two separate comments from complete strangers about the unsuitability of my footwear for walking. Ironically, although they’re high, these are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own, and I could walk for miles in them (and have!). I always think it’s funny that people want me to wear shoes I don’t like, just to make THEM feel more comfortable!

You can even swing in them.

Here is my sidekick, Shoeperdog, taking a brief rest from all the fun. (Don’t worry, we brought along plenty of water and food for him: he had the time of his life. Mind you, EVERY day is the best day of Rubin’s life, so that’s not saying much, really…)



    • Oh don’t worry, I don’t! I just always find it funny that complete strangers will tell me I should be dressed differently, as if they know better than I do how comfortable I am 🙂

  • Let’s see. Things I love: polka dots, red, blue, white, bows, heels, cute belts, cute fluffy woolfs. Pretty sure you just ticked every box I have!

    Oh but most importantly, you smile! There is nothing I love more than a blogger who is willing to show that they are enjoying themselves. Keep up the awesome work Amber 🙂

    • Ah, I was having far too much fun on that swing not to smile! I really want one for the garden now – there’s nothing lifts the spirits quite like a good swing 🙂

  • Those shoes look really sturdy and comfortable, actually! The cheek of some strangers with never cease to amaze me…Glad you had a nice time!

  • I love the whole outfit (I just bought a navy polka dot dress from Oasis) and what is with people commenting on your footwear, in the 50’s-60’s all women wore heels all the time, my mum had the most amazing stilettos and wore them everywhere!

  • I get the comments or at least looks from random people… then again I guess it’s because I go to college and most girls there live in jeans and trainers when I love heels and now have a new love for dresses.
    Also, you have really good taste in shoes, I think I’ve wanted every pair you own 😛

  • I love you’re outfit and I’m pretty much obsessed with polka dots. I saw some cute blue polka dots flats with a t-strap and bow that I think would go awesome with that too. Funny because I don’t even like flats lol but I immediately thought of those shoes. I love your shoes of course. I have a fear of slingbacks but you make me want a pair… I think it’s because you’re awesome haha. And about someone telling you about your shoes BLEH!!!! Wedges are the go to shoe through rough terrain. Don’t they know!!! People stop me all the time and ask me “How do you walk in those big things, but I guess you look nice.” Like thanks for the compli-sult!! As long as I’m comfortable I’m fine. Even with the points and laughs… =[

  • Hubby and I went out to Rosslyn chapel from a couple of days after we were married. It was shut though and we couldn’t get in, so we really want to get back up there sometime and see it. The architecture looked great from outside. Love your outfit.

  • This time you really “overcame” yourself: you look simply more than fantastic! My favorite pictures were the second one, such a sweet look – and with Rubin!!! The dress is really sweet and these wedges seem to be comfortable, for sure! I know what you mean: people are always telling others what to do – if someone likes and can walk in wedges, what’s the problem? But people are only satisfied when they see the others followed their “wise advices”… Thank God we will have many more high heel lovely pictures!!! And thanks for the suggestions about this lovely place!

  • Don’t you just love how people try to tell you what you should or shouldn’t be wearing? I get that all the time especially when it comes to my shoes. However I love the revenge later when their feet are killing them and I’m completely comfortable and even happier with my pretty so-called “impractical” shoes. 🙂 cute shoes by the way!

  • I really wish I’d bought a pair of those now, they do look comfy yet lovely. I’m going to have to trawl eBay until they’re mine!

  • Your outfit & the location are beautiful, but Rubin steals the show with his happy little face! So cute!

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