Shoe of the Day | Miss KG ‘Candy’ animal print pumps

Miss KG 'Candy' animal print pumps Miss KG 'Candy' animal print pumps Miss KG 'Candy' animal print pumps

Miss KG ‘Candy’ animal print pumps, £75

Animal print and pink high heels? Sign me up!

I’m actually not sure which of the two I like most here: the animal print upper, or the candy pink heels. Actually, I don’t think it’s possible to choose between the two: they compliment each other so perfectly it would be a shame to separate them!

With such a bold print and heel colour, adding another embellishment sounds like it should be too much, but in this case I think it’s the icing on the cake: or the bauble on the shoe, as the case may be. The little lilac orbs on the toe of these shoes remind me very much of the Vivienne Westwood/Melissa shoes which use an almost identical embellishment. Although it’s obviously not a “new” idea, though, it is still quite an unusual one, and makes a bit of a change from the usual flowers/bows/brooches – not that I don’t love them too, I hasten to add! This detail, however, makes the overall effect seem a touch more contemporary than some of those more classic additions.

black full skirt and pink off-shoulder sweater

skirt / sweater

As well as this animal print colourway, these shoes are also available in black suede, with a white heel and “orb”. I like the idea of a monochrome effect on this shoe, but, in practice, think the orb reminds me a little too much of a golf ball to want to actually wear them: I can imagine the comments I’d get already! Of course, I speak from a slight bias here, as I rarely find an animal print pump I DON’T like: if these aren’t quite your thing, however, the monochrome version might be worth investigating.

These are £75 at Kurt Geiger: what do you think of them?

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