Ash studded ankle strap sandals


Studded shoes have been all over the place for what feels like a really long time now. This is, of course, good news if you’re a lover of the sudded look, and probably very bad news if you aren’t.

Me, I’m somewhere in between: I think studs can look fantastic on shoes when they’re done right, and I think these ankle-strap sandals by Ash are a good example of “studs done right”. Although almost every inch of these shoes is studded, they somehow manage to avoid looking OTT, and instead are the kind of thing I can imagine throwing on with summer dresses or skirts: they’re help toughen up a floaty dress nicely, but they’re still an elegant shape themselves, and will also look good worn casually with jeans.

BUY: Ash studded ankle strap sandals, £132


  • I LOVE that heel, and it doesn’t look ott because there’s pattern to it, and method. But, I think i’d prefer the shoe if the studs were not on the straps at all, to really allow that gorgeous heel to stand out. But that’s just me. Both shoes could exist and I’d be happy 🙂

  • I love them! not sure about them being brown thou.. I’m not too much into brown :/ I always have a problem finding the right handbag for brown shoes..

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