Jessica Simpson ‘Ely’ suede peep toe Mary Janes

Jessica Simpson’s shoe line has done really well over the past couple of years, partly through some great work on the part of the design team, and partly through what I think of as “the Dany’ effect”: the Dany shoes became so popular they really helped shine a spotlight on the brand, and I know I for one have been paying more attention to J-Sim’s shoes than I probably would have otherwise.

These ‘Ely’ peep toes are the latest style to catch my eye: teal and purple isn’t a combination I’d have thought to put together myself, but it works really well here, and I love the simplicity of the strap.

These are $99.99, and are also available in black and pale pink. Click here to buy them.


  • Lovely! I know that the intention is to show the different colors of the platforms, but I’d buy right now if they were closed-toes… I love Mary Janes and the color is beautiful!

  • Have to admit I quite like Jessica Simpson shoes, in fact I have a few pairs. These are lovely but I’m not really a fan of the tights-with-open-toe-shoes look so they are not as practical as closed-toe ones would have been. Still pretty though.

  • Oh, great job J.Simpson!! These are really a lovely pair of shoes with a good punch of color! This combination could work well both spring and winter time in my opinion!

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