Primark pink feather sandals

Primark pink feather sandals

It’s been a while since I last visited Primark. That’s partly due to location – since moving house a few years ago, there’s no longer a store near us – but it’s also because I know to my cost (literally) that I’ll go in there thinking, “Oh, I’ll just pop in and pick up a cheap t-shirt/pair of tights/whatever”, and then, the next thing I know, I’m filling up my basket like a contestant on Supermarket Sweep (Remember that? Is it even still on TV? Because I’m not a huge fan of supermarkets, but if there’s ever a version featuring department stores, I’m SO applying to be on it…), and then walking away from the register having inexplicably managed to spend a small fortune. Oh, and I’ll probably have long since forgotten about that t-shirt/pair of tights/whatever that made me go in their in the first place, too. I swear they make the stores so big just so you can’t find your way out again, and have to walk through all of the different departments instead, thinking, “Ooh, I forgot they did homewear! I’ll just have a quick look…”

(It can’t just be me… can it?)

Anyway, although I do enjoy a visit to Primark, I don’t normally spend too long in the shoe department, because I’ve never been particularly impressed by the quality. These shoes, however, could just change my mind. At just £14, I’m pretty sure the quality would be exactly what I’ve come to expect from Primark shoes, but I’d be willing to overlook that, because these shoes would represent a really affordable way to finally satisfy my longing for a pair of feather-trimmed shoes. As you might recall, I’m always drawn to styles like this, which I think are so glamorous, but I know I’d hardly ever wear them, which makes me reluctant to spend too much money on them. These ones, however, I could definitely justify spending £14 on – and maybe I’d finally get round to buying that t-shirt or pair of tights, too!

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