Festive themed bow shoes from Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia Christmas shoes

gold bows on shoes Charlotte Olympia surprise sandals

gold sandals with bows on shoes

No one does a theme quite like Charlotte Olympia.

Whether it’s pumpkins at Halloween or reindeer in December, this is one brand you can always count on to deliver whimsical, and sometimes totally nonsensical (depending on who you’re speaking to) footwear creations to fit right in with the season.

These two pairs of shoes may not be the best example of that thematic design, but they ARE a lot more subtle than some styles I could mention, which is why I’m showing you them today. I know many of my readers dislike the “novelty” shoes, as I call them, but while these pairs have a definite dash of Christmas spirit about them, there isn’t a snowman or Santa Claus in sight, and I’m sure we’re all very grateful for that. By going for a gift-wrap theme with these styles, the designer has allowed herself to go all-out with the gold leather and shiny bows, but given that those are elements we’re pretty used to seeing on shoes by now, they actually blend in pretty well with many of the other party shoes we’ve been seeing in stores – just with a little extra twist.

I think the gold strappy sandals (They’re called ‘Surprise’, just in case you’re wondering) are a particularly lovely take on the Christmas party shoe – with the emphasis on the word “Christmas”, thanks to that cute little bow, which looks exactly like the kind of thing you’d put on top of a gift. (Is anyone else thinking it would be super-easy to create a DIY version of these, by simply sticking one of those gift bows onto your existing shoes? No?)

The second pair, meanwhile, use an equally festive black and gold colourway, with a wide, flat-fronted bow to create that gift-wrap effect. And just in case you’re thinking Charlotte Olympia has slipped up somehow in failing to make maximum use of the “Christmas” theme, there’s also these:

Charlotte Olympia Jingle Bell Dolly

They’re the ‘Jingle Bell’ version of the famous ‘Dolly’ platforms, and yes, you WILL sound like

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  • I really like the black and gold pair. The bow on the second pair looks really cheap, exactly like a bow you would stick on a present. I know that’s the general idea, but I’m not a fan.

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