Friday Night Louboutin Fix: Christian Louboutin Titi 120 Panama straw pumps

The sensible side of me (I do have a sensible side, you understand: I just keep it well-hidden) says that as the pale uppers on these shoes are made of leather topped with straw, they probably wouldn’t be the most sensible purchase for someone living in rain-sodden Scotland.

The not even remotely sensible side of me, however, thinks they could just be the most perfect summer shoes ever, and that if I owned them, I’d have no problem wearing them AT LEAST 470 times: one pound for each wear. OK, maybe two pounds per wear, then. Three?

It’s no use: I still can’t justify it, but if you can, you can buy these at Net-a-Porter. Be sure to give them all the love they deserve.


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