Pierre Hardy colourblock suede ankle boots

Pierre Hardy colourblock wedges

Blue and green is a colour combination I’ve been wearing quite a lot of recently, so these boots would fit right into my wardrobe around about now! (I can’t tell you how strange it feels to say that: this time last year I wouldn’t even have dreamt of combining two bright colours: how the times have changed!) Even if they didn’t, though, I’d still really enjoy looking at them: it is, after all, a particularly lovely shade of green, and a particularly bright shade of blue, and it does me good just to look at the two combined. Looking is ALL I’ll be doing, however: these are £780, which makes them an expensive bit of eye-candy. So you want to buy them, you can click here, and if, like me, you just want to look at them, here’s another photo to stare at:

Ankle boots with green heels and blue upper by Pierre HardyYou’re welcome.


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