Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 54: Making Shapes

: Silver ballet flats from Next
When: Wednesday, October 20th, 2o10
Where: Back here
With: skinny jeans (Dorothy Perkins), black turtleneck (New Look), cream jacket (gifted), cat’s eye sunglasses (eBay)

These photos are the proof that I do actually wear flat shoes sometimes: only sometimes, though! When I do wear them, it’s almost always with jeans, for some reason, or similarly casual styles: I really need to try and incorporate them into a dressier outfit one of these days, just as a little extra challenge for myself. Or, you know, maybe not.

These particular flats were from Next about two years ago, and are fairly boring silver ballet pumps with a large jewel on each toe. They wouldn’t normally merit a mention, but I did promise to wear every pair of shoes I own, and these are what I tend to reach for if I want to give the heels a miss for whatever reason. I did have to make a cut in the elastic at the back to stop them rubbing my heels. They’re comfortable now, but note to self: stop buying shoes with elasticated backs, it hardly ever ends well!

I kind of misjudged the temperature here a bit. The schools were on holiday this week and all the teenagers in our street were out wearing t-shirts, which convinced me it must be warmer than it actually was. I’d forgotten that Scottish people tend to wear summer clothes when it’s sunny, no matter what the actual temperature is!

I spotted these strange metal shapes in the park a few weeks ago and made a mental note to go back and check them out. I like ’em.

Probably a good job I wore flats for this one…

Giant Tetris block?

Such a beautiful day, despite the chill in the air.

Thanks to Terry for the photos!


  • Terryfic photos! (sorry pathetic pun) What amazing photogenic art. I especially like photos 1 and 4. You, too, are amazingly photogenic.

  • The two last pictures, simply fantastic – the sun (I’m happy for you!) and the golden leaves… very very pretty as usual! Great outfit and I loved the hair style! For a park, flats for sure! I like(d) the sculptures’ idea as well! Mmmhhh… already planning my suitcase to travel in November… meeting my sweetie, need a niiice coat then… Autumn suitcase!

  • Gorgeous, as usual. 🙂

    How’d you snip the elastic in the heel without cutting a hole in the shoe? I have a pair that dig into my heel/ankle horribly that I’m reluctant to cut because the elastic part is covered in grosgrain ribbon, and I’m afraid if I snip the fabric, it might fray.

    • I had to cut through the leather unfortunately – couldn’t see a way to do it otherwise, but it was either that or throw them out because they hurt my feet so much, so I figured it was worth a go. These are leather, so luckily the cuts haven’t gotten any bigger, but I think I’d be reluctant to try it if there’s ribbon over it… Mind you, I guess you could maybe try painting clear nail polish or something over the ends of the ribbon to stop them fraying?

      • Unfortunately, I haven’t had much luck with shoes with elasticated backs either. Why do manufacturers keep producing them and calling them “extra comfy” if they clearly are the opposite?

  • You have such awesome photo-ops in your area. Asylums, pretend stone circles, weird tetris blocks.

    Edmontonians do that thing with the wearing summer clothes when it’s sunny out, too, despite the fact that it is often very sunny on days when it’s well, well below freezing. Also the second it does get slightly warmer, the shorts come out, even if “slightly warmer” means “now only 30 degrees below freezing”. Crazy people. At least you got to look all pretty in your lighter clothes, though?

    • I know, it’s photo-op central! I actually only started discovering most of the places this summer – before that I’d always thought it was a pretty boring kind of town, so I’m happy to have been proved wrong 🙂

      Also, you’re from Edmonton? My aunt and uncle are Edmontonians – I’ve only visited once, when I was a kid, but would love to go back sometime!

  • Are you wearing the bumpit in these? Because if so, it looks freakin’ GREAT.

    As does the ensemble of course!

    • Thank you, and yes, I was wearing a Bumpit – backcombing etc just won’t stay in my hair, so it’s just the quickest way for me to get the big hair I’m obsessed with right now 🙂

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