Shoeperwoman’s Shoe Challenge 2011

Last year, I set myself the challenge of wearing every pair of shoes in my collection at least once in the space of a year, and documenting them on my blog. Just to make things a little more interesting, I also promised to dispose of any pairs of shoes I didn’t manage to “save” in this way. You can read more about that challenge, and how I got on, here.

This year, I’m doing it all over again: but this time I’m asking you to join me!

The next Shoe Challenge will run from February 14th 2011 (just in time for you to get dressed up for Valentine’s Day) to February 14th 2012. You can join in any time, as long as you complete the challenge by the official end date.

The Rules:

  • You must wear every pair of shoes/boots you own before the end of the challenge. (And it doesn’t matter whether you own five pairs or five hundred – everyone is welcome!)
  • You must take photos of yourself wearing each pair of shoes as “evidence”. (Full length outfit shots only: photos showing just your feet don’t count!)
  • Use ’em or lose ’em: any shoes you haven’t worn by the end of the challenge must be disposed of.

You’ll find a longer version of the rules here: it’s a good idea to read them before signing up, so you know exactly what you’re in for! You’ll also find the Shoe Challenge F.A.Q here – if you have any questions that aren’t covered, just drop me a comment.

How to take part:

If you’ve read the rules and you still want to take part, here’s what to do!

  1. Count your shoes and boots: it’s OK, I’ll wait here while you do it…
  2. Post the badge you’ll find below in the sidebar of your blog (or anywhere else on your homepage).
  3. Begin saving shoes!
  4. Link back to from your Shoe Challenge posts.

Ready? Grab a badge below!



  • @Shoeperwoman Would love to but am too scared I’d have to jettison too many of my babies ξ„Ύ

  • @Shoeperwoman Would love to but am too scared I’d have to jettison too many of my babies ξ„Ύ

  • I’d actually really love to do this, but I live alone so getting the full length shots might be difficult … would you accept pics taken in my hall mirror? πŸ˜‰

    • Of course, mirror shots are fine πŸ™‚ In fact, ANY shots at all are fine, as long as we can see most of the outfit and shoes – happy to have people crop out their faces (um, not literally, obviously), or Photoshop them out or something too if they don’t want them on t’internet!

      • Fantastic! In that case, count me in. I’m completely not photogenic and I don’t have half the gorgeous outfits you do (or the figure πŸ™ ) but still think it’ll be fun! I’ll do a shoe count tomorrow and see if I can rustle up a full collection shot to share πŸ™‚ … actually quite curious to know myself how many I have and I’ll be adding to the total tomorrow morning anyway as it’s my birthday – and what else is a girl going to ask for on her birthday after all?

  • I’m IN πŸ˜€ I’m so excited!!!! woohoo I’m looking forward to counting how many pairs of shoes I have, last january i had about 40 but I’m sure it’s up to 60-70 now.
    You are warned about the quality of the pictures though…

  • I’m in too. Might not be able to put a photo in every week as I only have 7 pairs but I still want to do it ^^

  • Please count me in! I don’t have half the shoes you have but still looking forward to styling the ones I do! Will count tomorrow and post how many I have. Please could you confirm where to send the pics as I don’t have a blog. Thanks

  • Well, as my next blog post is actually about shoes, it seems fitting that I join in with this challenge!

    A year to wear about 12 pairs of shoes couldn’t be that hard? could it?

    • I have posted my shoes post now and counted; my magic number is 13.

      I can’t help but feel that number is going to go up not down by the end of this!

  • Ooh, I’d love to try it out! Shall we send the shoe count with the first photo? I’m not around my shoe collection currently!

    • You can do if that’s easiest for you – I’m hoping to get a few “full collection” photos for a post, but it’s no problem to do the count with the first challenge!

  • I’ll do it. I need a push to wear my shoes instead of just stroking them like pets. Will do a full count and pic over the weekend.

    • Ignoring trainers and the throw out pile, I have 17 pairs. I thought I had loads so I feel strangely proud of my modest number.

  • I am so excited to try this challenge! I am just starting my blog, so I really do not know fully what I am doing yet. I do have MANY pairs of shoes though, so I am in for the fun. I also have not counted my shoes, because then I would actually have to admit to my friends how many I have. I guess it’s time to “bite the bullet.”

  • Sign me up! Although my shoes are split between Belfast & Oxford until I finish Uni so it’s gonna be a challenge until May when I can really go for it! (I don’t have a blog though…)

  • Oh, so nice! I am having problems to use the computer these days, but the moments I can I come to check your blog, you know! Well, I simply looooved the new challenge and I will for sure take part! The problem is that I have around 460 pairs of shoes, but in 2 countries and I’m always traveling – right now I’m in the UK and after Valentine’s day I will be in France for a month and a half, I guess. I can count the shoes I have in one country (when I arrive there), to the other one I’m not planning to go so soon. But I’ll try my best to wear the ones I have in Europe and I’ll take pictures! I was thinking of something like this… 2010 was a very difficult year for me, my parents passed away, I had no energy for carrying the challenge on – I started, but after all I simply couldn’t carry it on, due to the circumstamces. I reckon I have too many pairs I bought and never wore, as well as clothes. It’ll be great to finally do something about this!
    So, thanks a lot for the new opportunity and count on me! It’s only that I really can’t say exactly how many pairs I own right now, only when I go to the headquarter, as I told you. Can I take part on the grounds that as soon I arrive there I inform you the number of pairs? And Valentine’s say is just right.I was planning something special for the day, since it was the last time I talked to my dad, a year ago. You just gave me one more reason, bless you! Thanks!

    • I’ve been really struggling to keep up with my blog reading this year, so I didn’t realise about your parents, Denise. I’m so sorry. I won’t say too much, because this isn’t the place, but big hugs to you.

      Don’t worry about the shoe count, it’s all pretty informal, so you can just let me know as you go along πŸ™‚

  • I’m in! Will count my shoes first thing tomorrow and get back to you with the scary figure :/
    Btw I had some issues with the embedded code, got it sorted now, one of the slanty quotes was throwing it off. FYI xxx

  • I’m in! It shouldn’t be a problem because I don’t have that many shoes but it’s still fun. By the way, I love the new header.

  • Thanks for joining in, everyone, I’m so excited to have other people to play along with this time πŸ™‚

    I’ll put up a list of participants over the weekend, which I’ll update as more people join, but in the meantime, just a reminder to leave your blog URL in your comment if you have one, so I can link back to you. If you don’t have a blog, you can just send me the pictures as you go along – email address is on the contact page, but I’ll have another post up soon about it!

  • Hi, I’m definitely ‘in’ the shoe challenge, I have a ridiculous amount of shoes….I have 10 pairs where I am currently living but I have 50-100 pairs elsewhere. I can photograph the pairs I have here (all boots!) for a collection shot now and add another collection photo when I regain custody of my beloved shoe collection…..I will blog the challenge…

  • After the great shoe purge I am at 53 pairs. I don’t have a blog, but sign me up for the challenge!

  • ARGH, I don’t want to put photos of me on the interwebs, can we compromise and do a half shot instead? I’m game if so.

    • OK, I’ve done my best to come up with a count, and I think it’s going to be 55. I’ll try to post a few pictures of the starting collections by the end of next week. If anyone can help me figure out how to add the badge to my blog, please let me know. Thanks.

  • I’m SO in!! I will try my best with the full-outfit pictures since I hate to take pictures of myself (last week, I realised that I have about 2000 pictures: 500 of my dog, 200 of the dogs and cats in my family, 1290 of people in my family and friends.. and.. wait for this.. only 10 pictures of myself.. I really need to change that), for that reason, and because I know it will be fun, I want to join this with my 25-shoe collection.

    BTW: My blog is mainly in spanish, but I’ll be posting about the Shoe Challenge in english.. (you know.. just in case you were wondering) =)

    • Haha, that sounds so familiar – I must have thousands of photos of the dog on my computer (most with him looking exactly the same!), but until I started doing the challenge I had very few of myself – I think the dog’s probably still beating me, though!

  • YAY…i’m in …will count my shoes ( gulp) and start the challenge on the 14th….yipee am so looking forward to this:)

  • Since I failed miserably in my last shoe challenge, I should really redeem myself with your 2011 shoe challenge Amber.

    I have 100 pairs. At least I think that is the number. There are some at home, some at work in my filing cupboard. Some are not for wearing outside though (like the 6 inch stilettos O_O)

    Can we combine the shoe shots with Frocking Fridays or do we have to do a separate post?

    My participant name is: Caveat Calcei aka Law and Shoes.

    I’ve just put up a call to arms (or feet) on Twitter where my username is @gabfran

    • Oh, I’m so glad you decided to join – and thanks for the Twitter shout-out, too πŸ™‚

      You can combine it with any other challenge you want: I know quite a few people are doing the 30 for 30 challenge next month, but luckily it doesn’t include shoes, so you can do both at the same time. I’ll probably combine quite a few Shoe Challenge/Frocking Fridays πŸ™‚

  • I’m in! I don’t have a blog (but I’m thinking of getting one, after my exams) so I’ll send you the photos by mail in the meantime πŸ™‚

    I’ll count my shoes and send you a picture (but I’m still waiting on a pair I bought on ebay,so maybe in a few days)

    Btw, is it you on the shoe challenge badge? I like it πŸ™‚

  • Amber, thanks for the idea!

    Count me in)) I have no idea how many shoes I own, but I’m going to sort out my collection tomorrow. But I was wondering – when you say you going to post a roundup once a week, which day of the week you mean? I couldn’t find it, maybe I’m reading ..again)

    urlof my blog:

    • Oh, I hadn’t actually decided – I think probably a Friday, though, although that doesn’t mean you HAVE to have a photo ready for every Friday, obviously, it will really just be a roundup of everyone who happens to have completed a challenge that week.

      • I intend to do my best to have a photo on before friday then!))
        I’m going to post about the challenge with my shoes collection photos and put the badge on my blog during the upcoming days!

        PS I see I’m loosing words again.. in my previous comment it had to be “maybe I’m reading inattentively..again”
        apparently I write this way as well o_O

  • Hi again, everyone, just a quick note to say that I’ve started putting together the list of participants, which you can find here:

    (This is also accessible from the “Shoe Challenge” dropdown on the main menu of the site, just in case you want to look at it again and lose the link!)

    Obviously this list is a work in progress, and I’ll be adding to it as we go along, but for now, two things:

    1. If I’ve gotten any of your details wrong, my apologies – I’m still on my first cup of coffee! Just leave a comment on that page and I’ll correct it as soon as I can.
    2. If you’re on the list, and are having problems adding the badge to your site, again, just drop us a comment. I’m about as useful as a chocolate watch when it comes to these things, but Terry will be happy to help you sort it out.

    Also, I’ve been having a bit of a re-think about how people will send images to me: some of the shoe collection images I received this morning went straight into my junk folder (thanks, Outlook!) and I really don’t want to miss anyone out, so I’m thinking of easier ways to handle that side of it. Facebook group? A forum linked to the site where you could upload images and post links to your blog posts? Hmmm. More on that soon (after more coffee…)

    • Hi Amber, sorry tried to leave a comment on the list page but it deosn’t seem to let me!

      You’ve misspelled my name on the list – I have a chavvy ‘Y’ in the Jayne πŸ™‚ x

    • I think a Facebook group would be cool, so we’d have an excuse to post our photos to Facebook, thus linking to our blogs like the pageview-grubbing bloggers we are. πŸ˜›

      • I already have a Facebook page for the blog (!/Shoeperwoman), but I’d prefer to try and keep the Shoe Challenge stuff all in one place as much as possible: I’m already getting people contacting me about it, and trying to send photos, shoe counts etc, on Facebook and Twitter, as well as on various blog posts and by email, so it’s getting really confusing for me to try and keep track of things! Because there are so many people taking part, it’s just going to be simpler for me to manage it if I can keep it all in one place!

  • Ok. I’m in, and have just counted. A shocking 109 pairs. Please don’t judge! I’m going to operate a one in, one out policy over the year, so I know some of these pairs will end up in the recycling bin before the end of the year, but I’m not dumping anything just yet.

    Photos have been taken, just heading off to blog & add the banner. xx

    • Yay! Good to have you on board, and no judgement here πŸ™‚ The one-in, one-out thing is what saved me last year – there’s just no way I could have done it otherwise – or I COULD have, but I wouldn’t really have wanted to, because some of the shoes were just so dated in the cold light of 2010…

  • Hi, the first time I read your blog was when your shoe challenge began (and I really enjoyed)
    So after much thought, this time I join it!! I have just counted 41 pairs.
    Since I don’t have any blog, I will send/upload images to you (or where you finally decide)

    And thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to share such a fun experience!

  • Hey πŸ™‚
    I stumbled across your blog during a gap year in Manchester,and now that I’m back in boooooring rural Germany,your posts really make my day.
    It’s very uncommon around here to actually wear nice shoes,so I buy them and practically hide them…
    That’s why I decided to join your shoe challenge:I’ll dare to wear!
    Since I’m in the middle of my semester finals,it’ll take me a bit to reactivate my blog,but count me in πŸ™‚

  • Just counted, got 25 pairs.

    I thought I had more…… oh well better go shopping…..

    (perhaps this isn’t the best idea…) πŸ™‚

  • I have a very small total of 10 pairs… but I will probably be getting another pair soon, so I will comment again if I do

  • We (me and my 35 pairs) are in!!! I think “use β€˜em or lose β€˜em” rule will help me to get free from those old pairs I don’t have the courage to throw into the bin! πŸ™‚

  • After counting my shoes (& getting my mum to count the ones in Belfast) I can confirm I have 30 pairs. Yet, I feel that is likely to rise…

  • I’ll do it, but no pictures from me til my foot heals. I got into a minor disagreement with…no laughing…a binder. Yes, a notebook type binder. It was on the floor, in the path of my foot…slice. Ow.

  • I’ve been watching your shoe challenge for a few months now, and I thought I’d start doing one myself at the beginning of this year. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten to take any photos or keep track of which shoes I’ve actually worn so far, so I’d be glad for the chance to start again!

    I’ve just had a shoe clean-out recently, and I now have 126 pairs (not including winter boots, running shoes, flip-flops, etc).

    I think this is a great idea, and I look forward to seeing everyone else’s photos!

  • This is a great idea! I’m definitely in πŸ™‚ I’m in the USA til June and sadly most of my shoes are back home so I can’t give you an accurate count, but I definitely have at least 10 pairs with me now!

  • Is there any Twitter indexing for the Shoeper Shoe challenge? like say #shoepershoe or something like that.. couldn’t find anything like that..

    • I’m glad to see that you also have a lot of flat shoes in your collection. Makes me feel less alone among the heel-fetishistas. πŸ˜‰

  • Count me in! I love the idea of challenging shoes in whole styling. I don’t own that much shoes so I will use same pair with different stylings and send you to your mail. And one more excuse why I will need some more new ones now :D!

    • Well, the challenge is actually to wear all your shoes in a year, not to wear the same pair multiple different ways, so I’m afraid that wouldn’t count as part of the challenge – you can read the rules on this post πŸ™‚

      • Oh, I didn’t said that well… Of course, I didn’t mean to send fotos of same pair every time. I have many pairs too, just not so many as collectors like you. I just wanted to ask, if we are allowed to send for example 2 different fotos with one (for example red) shoes with different outfit in spring and once again that same shoes with different outfit in summer etc… Or one pair – one foto – one outfit – just once? I hope I explained that time ok. I’m sorry english is not my first language. And yes, I’m planning to dust off some from my beginnings, when I first started to weaqr heels.

        • It would have to be one pair, one photo, I’m afraid – the challenge is to document each pair of shoes once: I think it would get a bit confusing for me if people were sending photos of the same shoes more than once πŸ™‚

  • Ooh! I want to join as well! I actually haven’t counted my shoes recently but I beleive it’s something like 26-30. How fun πŸ˜€

  • I failed miserably at the shoe challenge the first time around. I’ve added some more pairs since then, and I’m all set to go for it again this year… I think! Count me in, I’ll get back to you with the amount of shoes I have (I don’t think it’s a huge amount, but if I don’t have to post a shoe challenge post every week then I should be ok) and I’ll try to post a blog with a photograph of all of my shoes in later this week. Oooh, isn’t it exciting?

  • Ok, all counted up and I’m in! I have 94 pairs of shoes & boots combined, that’s more than I thought, but it’s not the most here! I’ll try not to buy any more this year, but I can’t make any promises.

  • I’m in! I have 32 pairs of shoes – a bit fewer than I thought, but a respectable number. One that is sure to increase over the year πŸ™‚

  • Hey, I’m up for it but moving house at the moment so will have to update shoe total next week if that’s ok! Also don’t have a blog! Excited and looking forward to it!

  • I would like to participate as well πŸ™‚

    I own 20 pairs of shoes and boots in total (plus a pair of trainers and flip flops).

    I do have a request though – I would like to exclude my wedding shoes from the challenge. I want to pass it on as a family heirloom eventually πŸ™‚ It would be 19 pairs then. Or are you going to kick me out for it?

    p.s. html code is not complete on the two smaller badges

  • πŸ˜€ Great! I’m in!

    p.s. I have 20 pairs after all(forgot to include my rubber boots)

    p.p.s. yes, was the font size problem…and I am an IT specialist oO

  • Yay! I’m in. I’ve become so lazy about wearing the few pairs of shoes and boots I love the most that this is going to be an amazing challenge! I need to have a recount but have about 40-50 pairs- and I’d say 90% of these haven’t been worn in at least 5 years:(

  • I sort of had to give up on the shoe challenge for the last year, as my shoe collection was split. But as graduation is round the corner I think this year it should be doable. I also like this format.
    As mentioned my collection is split so I don’t have a definitive count and I won’t be able to have a completely full shoe collection photo, but definitely a part one which I’ll post on my blog later.
    But anyway….count me in. With 45 pairs.

  • Oh go on then! Count me in. I’m nervous already and I don’t have that many pairs of shoes! I’ll have to get back to you on how many exactly though!

  • I am in as well. I don’t have many shoes at all but this will be an exciting challenge. I am trying to transition my shoe style and this is the perfect way to get the heels out of the boxes! Also a great reason to buy some more. I will send count and pics soon.

  • I’m definitely doing this! I think I’ve about 50 pairs of heels but I will count them tonight and confirm. This is a good excuse to have a bit of a clear out

  • I’m in! I’ve got 29 pairs which isn’t that many at all really! Though there are at least 3 pairs I’ve never worn but love… this’ll be interesting!

  • I miscounted! I’ve only got 91 pairs (I did the lazy thing of counting the pictures I use for my blog and there is more than one picture of some of the shoes!).

  • oooh I’m definitley doing this.. when I read your post on the shoe challenge I thoght WOW thats so me.. still have to count though

  • I have a question, that’s really me trying to find a loophole for some of the rules. What about really fancy shoes? I have a good number of very dressy shoes that I definitely wear, but maybe not always in a calendar year. And there aren’t even any weddings on my calendar right now. I’m basically fearful for my strappy silver Marc Jacobs platforms.

    Or, I could just cheat. You’d never know. πŸ˜›

    • Well, the rules state that you can eliminate some pairs from the challenge if you know you won’t have a chance to wear them and you really, really can’t bear to part with them, so some of them might be covered by that, but what I mostly did last year was just invented reasons to wear them – like, we have a date night once a week, and we implimented a “dress for dinner” rule, which got me through a few pairs of fancy shoes. Or you can always just throw them on with jeans: this is one of the reasons I love shoes so much – you can almost always dress them down if you really want to!

      Like you say, though, I’d never know πŸ™‚

  • i like the sound of this challenge! i don’t have many shoes but i do find myself wearing the same few over and over again… [it gets boring] count me in!

  • Hello! I’d like to participate – I’ll have a shoe count for you tomorrow, if that’s all right. πŸ™‚

  • I would love to participate….i will have to count my shoes (in various places all over my house) and get back to you with a count…

  • I’d like to do the challenge please, I’ll do a count and take a photo of my collection later Katie xx

  • Oh, I’d love to join! Problem is, I’m almost halfway through the last challenge (started in Summer), but it seems like such a waste to start all over again from scratch.

    Maybe I can join for the remainder of my challenge?

    Amount of shoes needs to be recounted, I’m guessing 80+…

  • I’m in! I’ve got eighteen pairs of shoes, which isn’t many compared to most of y’all, but I always gravitate back to the same four pairs.

  • I have 9 pairs of shoes, not including trainers…man, I wish I hadn’t given away most of my fancies shoes in a fit of madness 3 years ago πŸ™
    Anyway, count me in!

  • I always want to write a blog but I didn’t have time or ideas about what to write. Now I’m moving from Colorado to Florida and won’t be working till August. And here is an idea about a blog: I’ll start one to document your shoe challenge. Does sneakers and flip flops count as shoes??

    • I just read the rules. No sneakers or flip flops but since I’m moving to FL and apparently when it rains, it pours, I’m counting my rain boots too. I just formatted a blog for the shoe challenge but haven’t take a picture of my shoes yet. I count more than 50, but tomorrow I’ll give you the right number.

    • It’s up to you what you count as “shoes” – the rules say that if you’d wear it as part of an outfit it counts, so if you wear sneakers a lot, then count them. I didn’t count sneakers, for instance, because I only wear them to the gym, and I didn’t count flip-flops because I only wear them on vacation (or as slippers around the house), but if those styles are part of your everyday life, you can include them!

  • Hi, I’d love to join in so please join me up too!
    My grand total is 54, which I am a little bit disappointed by! However, all the ancient pairs will stand me in good stead for one-in-one-out over the year, especially as I’ve got my eye on a new pair at the moment…

  • Oh my word! I absolutely love love love your shoes! I probably cannot wear most of them but they are absolutely divine! I am a shoe lover but a sort of an odd one if I do say so myself. I like to look at and buy nice shoes and then I ever hardly wear them! I have small feet that don’t have much of an arch and so some high heeled shoes hurt my feet. But in the name of looking cute I do try my level best to ‘don’ them every now and then to the chagrin of my poor feet. In most cases I have to end up treating them to a nice long pedicure/massage. Love the thought of purging the shoes I don’t wear though…might make space to buy more cute shoes! Yeey!

  • Hey Amber!
    I want to join the challenge too! I have lots of new shoes, bought last year, when pregnant with extremely swollen feet:) never got a chance to wear them. Every time i was feeling depressed and pregnant-fat, i was buying shoes, mostly summery, with extreme high heels πŸ™‚ luckily, 3 months after giving birth i am back at my normal shoe size (in the last months i was 2 sizes bigger, the horror!) so i want to wear every single pair of new shoes i own. Count me in with 105 pairs. It will be tough, being at home with baby to wear all my fancy high heels, but i’ll try πŸ™‚ i’ll post the outfits on my main blog (, it is mostly in Romanian), but also on stopped updating it when i got pregnant).

  • I just discovered your blog, and I got so excited when I saw this challenge!! I am definitely signing up and I CANNOT wait to do it!! I am following you on Twitter & GFC. I will have my shoe/boot count & photos up later on my blog, and of course will link back to you! Yay!

    Kirstin Marie

    • I’m not sure why my previous comment didn’t post, but I definitely am signing up to join this challenge!! I am really excited, and I can’t wait!! I am following you on GFC & Twitter (@kirstinfoley). Yay!!

  • I’m in! Just trying to figure out how to arrange all my babies for the official photo…

  • Count me in!! This sounds like sooo much fun and at the end of the day (or should i say YEAR) It’s going to be for a great cause because I am donating any shoes that I don’t wear!! How cool!!! I’m so excited and can’t wait to start. I need to get to counting my shoes. YIKES!!!

  • Me too! This is a great idea and a challenge, too! I would love to send a photo of my entire collection but I’m moving in three weeks so I have some of my shoes here and some of there there. I won’t be able to give you the number until March. Despite all that I’m looking forward to this challenge! It will be great! πŸ™‚

  • I’d like to join, I’m following you on google, but I don’t know how to put the badge on my blog!!!!!!! πŸ™

  • I followed you challenge religiously last year, and enjoyed just being an observer. You have lovely shoes and a great dress sense, which is partly why I have been back and forth about whether or not to take part. Thinking about joining the challenge sent me searching for my shoes and I found some damaged by mould/mildew and now I have about 13 pairs of shoes left (there weren’t that many to start with), with 3 still at the doctors/cobblers.
    I have decide to take part, but was wondering how to update my shoe total if I buy any during the challenge? Will take a group photo as soon as the 3 get back.
    Also I am unable to put the badge on my blog. Please help.

  • isn’t it funny how many of us are afraid of a harmless challenge?
    I’d like to get in but I know I’m too lazy to take pics all the time so I guess I’ll sit and watch like I always do….
    Or, we’ll see… I have until next monday =)

    • You have longer than that – you can join in any time you like, although if you join late and have a lot of shoes, I guess it’ll be even more challenging!

  • I want to join too!!!!! Shoes still need to be counted though, but currently there are workers lounging around (yes, lounging, not working…) my apartment so that will need to wait for the weekend when they won’t be there.
    So, name: Mirmur
    Pairs of shoes: TBC
    Blog: I only have a cooking blog and I won’t post on that one… so nothing for me.
    Yay, can’t wait!

  • I think I finally have all my ducks (and shoes) in order. I am excited to do this, but my shoe count turned out to be… 133! Ugh! I have lots of work to do. πŸ™‚ I will post some pictures on my blog today.

  • Sign me up! I have just started a blog for this. I have 20 pairs of shoes. My blog is here:

    • You’re number 76 – maybe try refreshing the page or clearing your cache if you can’t see it? I haven’t updated the shoe totals yet – sorry, I have a million and one things to do right now, so I don’t always get to update it every day. It should be done later tonight πŸ™‚

    • It had marked it as spam because of the link in the body of the post: if you just link to your blog through the URL field in the comments, you shouldn’t have any problems posting πŸ™‚

  • I have been trying and trying to add the badge, I have already started! Check out my blog!!! My count is 28 pairs of shoes πŸ™‚ Please sign me up! PLEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSEEEE!!!!

    • Hi Taneicia,

      At it says on the post, the challenge doesn’t start until February 14th. You’ve posted on February 13th, so I’m afraid that one doesn’t count. The rules are (as above) that you have to wear all of your shoes between February 14th (tomorrow) and February 14th 2012.

  • Hi! I’d like to join too πŸ™‚ I am currently sitting at 13 pairs of shoes. I also wanted to ask, if you don’t have a blog, where do you put the badge?

  • Hi, I LOVE the idea of this challenge, hope I can do it! I have 46 pairs at the minute, I’ve posted the pictures on my blog. Just having a bit of trouble adding the badge, but that’s probably just me being a tech-idiot!! πŸ™‚

  • I’ve counted my shoes… at the time, 42 pairs, flip flops included, because I love them and plan to wear them. So, count me in please and I shall share my first photo tomorrow, starting with my most beloved cowboy boots. Can’t wait!

  • Hi, Shoeperwoman! Looking forward to the Challenge of wearing at least 53 pairs in a year (and counting– still need to check trunk of car later today). Looking forward to some “lessons learned” like you had (I, too, fear I have more sandlas than the climate here calls for). Please let me know what # I am on list. Thanks and good luck!

  • I’m in, but is it okay if I change the rules for me a little bit? See, I only have two pairs of shoes, flipflops and converse. They’re EXTREMELY old too. My husband wants me to get rid of them and get more shoes, so I’m not wearing the same thing everyday. So, I was thinking this challenge could be for me to get a good collection of shoes, and get rid of the ones that are falling apart.

    • Hi Desiree,

      The rules of the shoe challenge are to wear all of the shoes you own within the space of a year and document it with photographs. It sounds like what you’re planning is something completely different to that, so while you’re obviously free to do your own challenge, the fact that you’re not following any of the same rules as the rest of us means you wouldn’t be able to be part of this particular challenge – hope you understand!

  • Talk about last minute! I’ve been putting it off, but I’d love to be added to the MASSES of participants. So exciting! I did a major shoe clean-out this weekend, and still have 86 pairs. Urgh. My blog is I’m actually writing my 1st post now, so it’ll be up soon.


  • I am so doing this.. starting Monday!
    When I moved from Germany to the US last year in April I left behind a lot of my shoes… to be completely honest, I had a collection of almost 50 heels and almost as many vans sneakers & a few boots. They’re all gone now, I sold some, and a few pairs are still in my mom’s basement. I arrived on April 12th with 4 pairs of shoes – 2 pairs of heels, 2 pairs of vans. It was.. awful. Haha. My mom even had to send me over a few pairs because I missed them so much. That being said.. shoes make me happy! I can’t wait to email you my submission & take a picture of my collection!


  • I counted everything(I think), except the pairs that I know that are too small for me but are just there because I like them and I have 51 pairs.
    As I am about to go back to work, I would love to take part in the challenge which sure, will motivate me to wear them all.

    I started a blog last year just before giving birth,
    if I’m in , I will be emailing you as well as posting on my blog.

    Thx in advance,

  • Okay, I’m in! A little late, but after clearing out the shoes I don’t even want to try to save, I only have 26 pairs of shoes. So, I’m not worried about catching up.

    Here’s a link to a picture of my shoes. (Also my cat. I keep telling her not to worry, I won’t be getting rid of her at the end of the challenge, but I don’t think she believes me.) And yes, I counted flip-flops as shoes, but in my defense, I live in South Carolina which is possibly the only place on earth where that’s socially acceptable. It’s practically our state shoe.

    My blog is The Cheapest Girl Around.

  • Alrighty, I’ll sign up…Eeek! This should be fun!
    I hope I’m not too late to start. Please let me know πŸ™‚
    I’ll post them on my blog then email you the link.

    Talitha – T Time Chatter

  • I would need a few more days in the year! last count i had over 380 pairs.I think its time for a sort out LOL!

  • I’m in and INSPIRED! I’ve pulled out ALL of my shoes and boots and cleaned them and will count them shortly. I’ll email my final oculd which is A LOT hight than I suspected.

  • I’m so laaaate can i still participate i have so many shoes it’s the perfect chanllenge for me. My shoe total is 98

  • Man, I feel pathetic… I own a grand total of 2 pairs of shoes. 4, if you count my ultra-grubby Uggs that are limited to animal-feeding and some high-top Vans that I haven’t worn for over a month because they’re too punk. And sadly, one of the 2 pairs of shoes I own (some new heels that I only just got on Tuesday) haven’t been worn in public due to my being sick with the flu.
    As I said, pathetic.

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