Shoeperwoman’s Shoe Collection on Pinterest

Shoeperwoman's shoe collection

As some of you know, in a bid to be a little more organised with my Shoe Challenge this year, when the challenge started, I made a list of my shoes, so I can instantly see which ones I’ve worn and which ones I haven’t. I thought it might be nice to have a little visual version of this, too, though, and where better to keep it than on Pinterest, where it’s really easy for me to just pin the photos of the shoes, and have them all in one place!

I haven’t quite finished adding the shoe photos to my new pinboard yet, and I’m not sure whether I’ll delete the photos as each shoe is “saved”, or just keep them all as a little virtual shoe closet, but you’ll find it here, anyway, if you want to follow, while my other boards are here. (And if you do, please drop me a note so I can follow you back!) Remember, you can also follow Shoeperwoman on Facebook and Twitter, if you want to be notified of new posts, and on Instagram if you want to see lots more photos of my shoes, and quite a few of my dog…

(Edited to add: After I posted this, I decided to take the advice of my readers, and have also set up a second pinboardΒ which contains the photos of the shoes I’ve still to wear in the challenge. I’ll delete those pins as I wear each pair, so I’ll be able to instantly see which shoes have yet to be “saved”, and will also have the first board as a kind of virtual shoe closet. I think this will be a much more effective tracking system than the list I was using: just have a few more photos to add! You can find the second board here.)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Shoeperwoman x


  • Instead of deleting them, you could just move them to a new board called “Saved shoes” so that you won’t have to recreate the wheel next year! That’s a really good idea though, and I think I’ll do that to keep track of mine! (It could also be helpful when I’m online shopping…No excuses to by multiples!)

  • You should create a secondary board for the unsaved shoes, and then remove them once worn. So you can have a closet and a tracking system.

  • OK, I’ve taken your advice and set up a second board for the shoes that have still to be worn, which I’ll delete pins from as I wear each pair of shoes:

    I think this will be a much easier tracking system than the spreadsheet (which was getting a bit confusing, to be honest – I could never find anything on it!), and I’ll still have the first board as a kind of virtual shoe closet. Sorted πŸ™‚

  • Hum, I read this too late obviously… πŸ™ but anyway, I wanted to suggest the idea of keeping only one board, and just modify the picture of the shoes as soon as it is saved, with a little icon on a corner like a thumbs up, or a little cross… What do you think?
    (But probably yes, in a way to keep things clear, it’s a better idea to have two boards, an exhibited closet one and a challenge proper one.)

    • I think I’ll just stick with the two boards as I’ve already set it up now, and I think it would be a lot more hassle to have to remove each image, edit it to add something, and then pin it again … I’m just looking for something really easy that will let me see all the shoes at a glance!

      • Totally right, I guess I don’t know Pinterest that much yet! Got to confess that yours gives me enough motivation for going further πŸ™‚

  • Hi, i found your blog by chance and i am impressed by your shoes collection ! I love shoes but it’s expensive and i have no place for them. I have a stupid question, how can you keep your heels so clean and new? πŸ˜‰
    It makes me want to collect too.

    • I’m not really sure how to answer that to be honest – I don’t think there’s any particular secret or anything, I just try to look after them as best I can, try not to let them get dirty (i.e. don’t walk through fields in heels :)) and have them re-heeled when they need it. That’s pretty much it!

  • I have never visited Pinterest. I just don’t think I have any more hours to spare that could be sucked out of my day.

  • I started following you on instagram too! I’ve just started using it, and I post random photos of my cat, flowers, and shoes if anyone’s interested in following me πŸ™‚ I also use Pinterest a bit to keep track of clothes I want to buy. My username on both is sari125 –

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