Hobbs Invitation ‘Finella’ silver Mary Janes

Hobbs Invitation 'Finella' silver Mary Janes

Hobbs Invitation 'Finella' silver Mary Janes

Hobbs Invitation ‘Finella’ silver Mary Janes, £74

Apologies in advance if these shoes are sold out in your size by the time you read this. They’re on sale, you see, and although there are some sizes still available online at the time of writing, I have a feeling there won’t be for long, so you might have to try your luck in-store if you’ve set your heart on them.

I wouldn’t blame you if you had, either. These aren’t in the same league as the Christian Louboutin Mary Janes I featured last week, but they have a similar feel to them with their curvy heel and high, strap, and I think they’re rather special in their own right. I love the mirrored finish of the silver leather, and the cut-out instep is another nice touch, which adds sophistication to what can be a rather prim style of shoe. I also think they have a bit of a vintage look to them, too: they remind me of old-fashioned dancing shoes – and I mean that in the nicest possible way! I can see them working really well with a flapper-esque dress, but failing that, they’d also look good with this little Oasis number:

mint dress and silver shoes

mint dress and silver shoes:

Oasis mint lantern dress   ♥  Marchesa clutch bag ♥  Charlotte Russe cocktail ring 

Mint and silver is something of a dream team for me: it just always works. These two cool colours compliment each other really well, and have a ‘pale but interesting’ appeal to them. If pastel shades aren’t your style, however, I think these would also look fantastic with jewel tones like cobalt or emerald – and you can’t go wrong with basic black or navy, which of which lend a great contrast to a silvery upper.



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