Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 46: Non-Casual Sunday

What: Charlotte Russe herringbone peep toes
When: Sunday, August 29th, 2010
Where: Date night
With: green dress worn as top (eBay); black River Island pencil skirt; Matalan bracelet; pearls (my mum’s); obi belt (gifted)

I had to take a rain-check on Non-Casual Friday this week: I was struck down with a migraine on Friday afternoon, which meant that getting dressed up (or, indeed, doing anything other than lying on the bed feeling sorry for myself) was the last thing on my mind.

I managed to make up for it on Sunday, though. This outfit is another DIY, and, like my dress-to-skirt outfit from last week, is the result of an eBay purchase that didn’t quite work out. Actually, this outfit is pretty much the exact opposite of that one, because whereas last week I took a dress and wore it as a skirt, this time the green top you can see is actually a dress, too. This one arrived from eBay last week (can you tell I’ve been spending a lot of time on eBay lately? This is what happens when I try to save money…), and while I loved the top half, the skirt was both too big in the waist, and a little too frilly for my tastes.

Because I loved the colour and fabric so much, I was going to just wear it anyway, but as I stood looking at it and thinking how much better it would be as a top, it suddenly occurred to me that there was nothing stopping me just wearing it as a top. So I pulled this black pencil skirt on over it, and ended up with a much more wearable outfit, although I may well wear the dress the way it’s supposed to be worn one of these days, if it’s ever warm enough!

I bought these shoes in Charlotte Russe about three years ago. I manage to get quite a lot of wear out of them, despite the fact that the patent trim on the peep toe really hates my feet…

As with my other dress-conversion, this was surprisingly comfortable, given that there’s a whole other dress under that skirt. I guess the fact that it’s such a lightweight fabric helped – it was basically no different from wearing a slip.

I think this is the third time this skirt has appeared here, too. It has served me well…

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