New Shoes! Miss Selfridge black bow platforms

It was payday this week in the Shoeper household, so naturally I rushed straight out and bought a new pair of shoes.

I actually hadn’t intended to buy shoes at all. Well, not that day, anyway. Nope, I’d really just gone out to buy a new bottle of shampoo. But there’s a Debenhams right around the corner from the Boots I was buying my shampoo in, and there’s a Miss Selfridge concession right at the front door of that Debenhams. And as soon as I laid eyes on these shoes, well, I knew they’d be coming home with me.

As some of you no doubt know, Miss Selfridge have released a few variations on this style recently, and I’ve loved them ever since the very first pair appeared, back in January. I wasn’t sure what they’d look like on a foot, however, so I resisted ordering a pair, and that was a move I’ve come to deeply regret, because now that I have them in black (which was the only colour available), I’m now having a really hard time not ordering the polka dot version.  And I also really want them in red. And in grey.

Sadly for me (but happily for my bank account, and for Shoeperman’s sanity), the red and grey versions are sold out online in my size. I DO, however, have to drive right past another, much larger Miss Selfridge tomorrow, en route to the dentist. Well, it would be rude not to go in, just for a look, wouldn’t it?

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