Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 28/75: J by Jasper Conran tan peep toes

WHAT: J by Jasper Conran tan peep toes
WHEN: Thursday, July 14th, 2011
WHERE: A walk in the sun and out to lunch
WITH: Dress (River Island sale), sunglasses (Target), belt (my mum’s)

So, I bought the apple print version of that River Island dress I already have in two other prints. Yup, I now have the full set.  It was on sale, OK? And… I was worried that the other two dresses would be lonely. Ahem.

Anyway, I know I promised not to inundate you with Shoe Challenge posts now that I’m all up to date again after my holiday, but this was the weather forecast when I woke up yesterday morning:

Now, I know those of you lucky enough to live in warmer climates will laugh at this, but 21 degrees counts as a heatwave here in Scotland, and if that forecast is anything to go by, yesterday was actually the last time we’re going to see the sun, EVER. Well, until Wednesday, at least. I knew that if I wanted to save any more summer shoes this week, I had only a very brief window of opportunity to do it, so I sprung into action, like the shoeperhero I am.

(I love the way Rubin photobombed me here!)

Springing into shoe saving action has been harder than usual for me lately, because I’ve been finding it hard to keep track of which shoes I’ve saved and which shoes are still at risk. Earlier this week, for instance, I spent a bit of time thinking about what I could wear with a particular pair of shoes… only to realise that I’ve already saved them. The shoes I’m wearing in these photos, meanwhile, almost didn’t get saved at all, because I was convinced I’d already worn them this year. Whoops. Good job I have my archives to go through and check these things!

As it was such a lovely day, we took Rubin for a quick run in the local country park, and then took ourselves off for a late lunch/early dinner (A “linner”? Is that what you’d call that? I guess if breakfast/lunch is brunch then lunch/dinner must be “linner”…) at a local restaurant. One of my favourite things about being self employed is the fact that you can take advantage of the odd sunny day when it comes along: yesterday felt a little bit like being on holiday again, which was lovely. Especially given that we’re going to have to build ourselves an Ark next week if my phone’s weather app is to be believed.

And, of course, another pair of shoes got to be saved…



    • I had actually completely forgotten about this one until I went to the closet for the gold one I was going to wear with it! It’s a bit too big for me, so I had to knot it a bit awkwardly at the back, but it was such a perfect colour match it had to be worn!

  • Or perhaps is Dunch? Now there’s a dilemma. It’s definitely good to have some nice weather to take advantage of. I hope the forecasts are wrong for the next few days. x

    • Hmm, yes, Dunch could work too! As for the weather, well, the phone already got it wrong for today, and it’s actually been quite nice, with none of the rain forecast, so I have my fingers and toes crossed!

  • Lovely dress!! And I know what you mean about the weather; I am living in Glasgow for three months and when it is 20º it’s a fantastic weather!! It may sounds weird but that’s the Scottish weather anyway…
    Any awesome shoe-shop to visit in Glasgow? I found an amazing pair of Dolce and Gabbana sandals last week at Frasers…but I have an open mind 😉
    Big huge!

    • Ooh, I don’t really get to Glasgow very often, I’m afraid, so I’m only really familiar with the usual suspects there. Any Glasgow-based readers out there?

  • Saw the dress in the shop today (3 sizes too small, natch) and just thought ARGH! WHY DIDN’T I BUY IT?! After seeing it on you and Roisin I fear this will always be ‘the one that got away’.

    That’ll teach me not to pounce on a bargain! It looks beautiful on you. xx

    • I need to learn this lesson too… The dress I DIDN’T buy in Zara last month (and which was available, in my size, in every single store I visited) is now selling on eBay for £150. That’ll teach me. Although probably not.

      (I did see this dress in a few different sizes in RI at the weekend, though – if you have any other branches nearby, it might be worth checking?)

  • 21 degrees? Oh gosh, I wish we had that weather here cause these days it was over 35 degrees in Croatia (Zagreb). Today was a bit easier thank God, but apparently it will be even 40 degrees! Yuck! :/

    The dress looks lovely! I really love your style! 🙂 Also, Rubin is gorgeous! 🙂

  • It’s usually about 21 degrees here at the moment too, although it is the middle of Winter! It looks like you had a nice sunny day there, though 🙂 I love your dress! I think that if you find a style you like, you should definitely buy it in as many colours as you can!

  • I’ve always called it ‘lunner’ because then both dinner and lunch have an even amount of letters in the word. I’m an equal opportunity word maker-upperer.

    I am now singing “oranges and lemons sing the bells of St Clemens’ even though I don’t know if they are lemons on that dress anyway? It is gorgeous – all these variations are making this Kiwi girl cry out for some eBay luck! (It would have to be amazing luck to make the shipping worth it you see_

    • No lemons, just apples – I actually couldn’t use most of the photos we took of it, though, because I was standing in front of trees and I was almost completely camouflaged in those two colours!

  • How I WISH it was 21 here,warm but not too hot. It’s soo hot and humid in Lebanon (almost got to 40 last week)!!! gah 🙁
    I love the dress, it looks so great on you!

    Congrats on the trademark thing too btw.

  • I keep an inventory of my shoes, there is a description of each pair, the brand, where I got them and when I got them. I then divide them into categories, i.e.: flats, closed toe heels, open toed heels, boots and then subcategories of color. When I wear a pair of shoes I write down on a separate word document the date and pair, bold it on the inventory and then take them off of a separate inventory entitled “2011 Shoes to Go” this way I can easily check if I’ve saved a pair yet.

    I may, *may*, be a bit OCD.

  • I couldn’t help but laugh at the weather comment. I’m from sunny Queensland (Australia) and 21 degress is a cool but not cold winter’s afternoon. That’s jeans and a long-sleeved shirt weather.

    Our Summer weather can easily rise to the 40-45 degree temperature zone. 🙂

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