Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 29/76: Carvella ‘Assess’ platforms

WHAT: Carvela ‘Assess’ platforms, c/o Sarenza
WHEN: Saturday, July 16th, 2011
WHERE: Out celebrating our Trademark application being approved!
WITH: Black Halo Jackie O dress, c/o Shopbop, hair bow (American Apparel)

What was that I was saying about only wearing summery shoes, until they’d all been saved? Ah, well, sometimes you just have to go with your heart…

After getting good news about our trademark application on Saturday morning, Shoeperman and I felt like we should really go out and celebrate, and, well, I felt like I should totally overdress for the occasion, as usual.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’d been absolutely desperate to wear this dress, which I got from our site sponsors, Shopbop, and as I always say, if you don’t happen to have a good reason to get all dressed up, you may as well manufacture one. Then there was the small matter of these shoes:

As some of you may recall, I got these Carvela platforms as part of the Sarenza brand ambassador programme a couple of months ago, and wasn’t quite sure what to wear them with. I was trying to avoid the obvious option of little-black-dress, but when it came down to it… I went for a little black dress. Ah, well.

The eagle-eyed among you may notice the latest addition to my shoe collection on the shelves behind me. More about that soon: for now, let’s just say that the people at Sarenza really aren’t making the Shoe Challenge easy on me! (Not that I’m complaining, of course: if there are shoes to be worn, then I’m there, people, like the shoe superhero I am. And also like the shopaholic I am.)

The weather hasn’t been quite as bad as predicted over the past few days, but it’s been bad enough that I’ve been starting to worry about how on earth I’m going to manage to save all of the peep toes and sandals by winter. I did a quick count at the weekend, and I figure I have at least 20 pairs that will need to be worn by the end of August/start of September, assuming that we’re not lucky enough to get an Indian summer again. Better get planning outfits, then!

P.S. These shoes have now been reduced in price in the Sarenza sale, so click here if you want to buy a pair!


  • You look simply amaaaaazing! W-o-w! I really don’t know why you didn’t consider modelling as a career, you look fantastic – the dress is incredible, the shoes too, the hair style gorgeous! I’m glad you can now relax a bit after so much stress – you deserve it! Great post, great pics!

  • I love the combination of these shoes with the LBD. Makes the colors of the shoes really pop out. BTW I noticed that the dress has a silver buckle (or perhaps I’m just seeing it wrong on my screen – which has been acting up.. now I’m thinking that’s a black buckle on the dress, hmm) and the shoes have gold buckles.. do you mix silver and gold?

    • Lol, you were paying much better attention than I was – I didn’t even notice any difference! I don’t generally wear silver and gold together, but when it’s as tiny a detail as a belt buckle, I don’t get too hung up on it 🙂

  • if I may… you have the perfect skin tone! (I’m saying it following the tan discussion). You look perfect, amazing and.. well, my vocabulary is not enough)) it’s such an elegant dress, love these little “wings” on the shoulders. I can imagine what a pain it is to push these pumps on, but they worth any second of suffering)) their form is perfect.

    • Thanks so much, Tali – I used to be very self-concious about my deathly pallor (especially given some of the comments I read/hear about how pale = “sickly” etc), but these days I’m doing my best to embrace it: I can look like a ghost in certain lights, though!

      The buckles are definitely the only downside to these shoes – I always seem to do them up wrong first time round, too, so it takes even longer!

  • I noticed the new babies straight away, finally a blue pair in the collection! That said, I love the dress, I love the shoes… As usual you look lovely. 🙂

  • You look absolutely fabulous. The dress looks like a Roland Mouret, no? Wouldn’t it be cute if you had a skinny purple or pink belt on the dress to match the shoes?

  • You look fantastic as usual!

    Those shoes are really amazing! In fact, I am quite tempted by them… How are they comfort wise? The heel height doesn’t bother me at all, but do they pinch?? Nothing makes me frown more than a “pinchie” toe. 🙂

  • No one can rock a dress like you do! You look amazing in these photos! Love the dress, love the shoes, love the background (again and again!, eveything. And the black bow on your hair is so cute.
    And your skin tone is just perfect. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I’m sick of all those people telling us that we should get a tan. We can’t all have the same color, and we don’t want to. Why should we?

  • Gorgeous! I love how you have spun some of your pretties around, so you can check out the heel detail whilst still seeing the front of the shoe. You are Shoeper!

  • Congratulations on your trademark becoming official! I’m so happy for you.

    I love the purple shoes with the LBD too. I did that last week myself, and just e-mailed you the link to my most recent challenges.

  • I still say congrats, Amber! And I completely agree with your “If you can’t think of a reason to dress up, manufacture one” idea.

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