Ruby Shoesday # 15: Back to Black

(Red Christian Louboutin wedges; black off-shoulder sweater; black bow belt, New Look; polka dot pencil skirt, eBay)

If I look a little bit sad in these photos, well, that’s because I am. Winter arrived here almost overnight this week, which means that:

a) I need to either freeze in my sandals, or lose them under the terms of the Shoe Challenge.

b) This is probably my last chance to wear my beloved red Louboutins, for a while at least. (Although, hey, there’s always Non-Casual Friday! And central heating!)

Also: I really need to seek out some new ruby shoes for winter. I do have four pairs of cold-weather-appropriate red shoes, but two are pairs that I hardly ever wear, and as we now have approximately 11 months of winter ahead of us, that’s a LOT of Tuesdays on which to rotate the same two pairs of shoes. (Not that it stopped me wearing these ones all summer, mind you…)

On the bright side, of course, tracking down shoes is exactly the kind of “problem” I enjoy, so I’m sure I’ll have fun hunting down some new red heels. I mean, any excuse for shoe shopping, right?

See? Smiling already…


  • I’m really glad that your amazing Louboutins were a great investment! They are really fantastic! As for more red shoes, you have my thumbs up!
    Mmhhh… just a question, did you lose weight or was it just an impression because of the black outfit? Well, never mind: as you said, winter is there… with chocolate, pizza, pasta, all to make cold nights warmer! 🙂

  • I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew something was different about your makeup in this post. After reading Hey Dollface, is it the eyeshadow? If so, it’s definitely working for you!

  • I’m totally stalking these shoes. I love them and just found a pair on ebay in my size and the color I want – the big question I have is: you only seem to be pictured wearing them inside. Is there a reason for that? I’m considering wearing them to an outdoor wedding, figuring that it’s flats or wedges and I hate wearing flats with dresses…so wedges it is. Do you think they’d be a disaster on grass and/or uneven terrain? I love high heels and wear them regularly, but am not as experienced with the wedge….and would hate to break my ankle. Any input on this would be mucho appreciated!


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