Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 45: Summer’s Last Stand

What: New Look tan slingbacks
When: Wednesday, August 25th, 2010
Where: Around town
With: The Cursed Green Dress (George via eBay), my dad’s belt, an ancient black cardigan bought in Florida many years ago, and a tan handbag from a boutique in Greece, also many years ago.

I had pretty much resigned myself to the idea of letting my toes freeze this week in order to get some of my more summery shoes through the challenge, but much to my amazement, the sun made a very welcome return today, so of course we grabbed the opportunity to get out and enjoy it while we still can!

If you’re thinking these shoes are almost exactly the same as these ones (and bear more than a passing resemblance to these ones, too), well, you’re absolutely right, they do. This is a perfect example of how, when I find a shoe style I like, I will think, “OMG, what if they stop making shoes like this, and then when these ones die, I can never find any more of them? WHAT IF?” and then I buy more shoes in exactly the same style, just to prevent that happening. In my defence the Jasper Conran shoes were actually a gift (and hey, I’m wearing exactly the same bag and belt in that post, too!), but I still own way too many pairs of tan peep toes. I DO actually wear them all, though, so maybe it’s not such a bad thing after all.

This dress is cursed. The first one I bought got lost… (It’s a long story)

I finally found a replacement on eBay, but the first time I wore it…

… the wind blew it up over my head, and I flashed a group of people outside a local restaurant.

And this time?

This time I decided to give it a quick iron before putting it on, and…

… ironed a scorch mark onto the skirt. D’oh. Luckily the skirt is big and the mark is pretty small, so you can’t really see it. Even so, though, I’m forced to come to the conclusion that the dress is cursed. It doesn’t want to be worn.

I guess it’s probably just as well that it’ll be getting packed away for the winter soon. Maybe I’ll have better luck with it next year?

Still, at least it helped me strike another pair of shoes off my Shoe Challenge list. On to the next pair!


(Out-takes and extras will up soon on Facebook!)


  • Lovely as ever!

    I think you should add these pics to Fashion Police too! They are outfit pics and very fashionable after all!

    You always look so wonderful. I wish I could be bothered to dress as well as you, amazing seeing as you work from home!


    • Oh lordy, no! That’s lovely of you to say, but I don’t claim to be remotely fashionable – I just wear what I like, and I try to keep TFP impersonal: it’s really an anti-fashion blog!

      As for working for home, I think it actually helps me to dress a bit better than I would otherwise, because I can just buy the clothes that I want to wear, rather than being restricted by dress codes, etc. When I worked in an office I had a bunch of dull suits, and then a few pairs of “slobbing-out-at-home” jeans, and that was it. These days I can be a bit more creative, and when I have clothes I like, it makes me want to wear them 🙂

      Thanks for the lovely comment!

  • You look so glamorous… when I look out of my window at the grey dull sky I envy your sunshine.

    I really need to get up to scratch with my shoe challenge posts… I’ve worn loads of my summer shoes and just completely forgot to photograph them!!!

    • I’ve done that too – I’ve actually worn these shoes a few times this summer, but I always seemed to wear them on days when I either didn’t have time to take a photo, or just plain forgot: I figured I better try to get a picture before the weather changed for good!

  • Again, I looooved the photos and the dress is wonderful! Green is so beautiful and that shade, oh! very very much! You look radiant!!! – and although I know it’s not “your” decision (upon the weather!), congratulations for the sun! (Hope you catch some more days this way!)
    As for the shoe challenge, I second Louise: one of these days I was trying to remember how many shoes I wore up to now – many, but I didn’t photograph them when I wore… but still, I know I wore them, it counts, I guess!

  • You look wonderful in green and maybe the dress needs an exorcism? Then it will all be okay.

    By the way, I have no tan peep toes, a situation I intend to remedy asap, especially as summer is approaching my neck of the woods.

  • Green really suits you! The weather looks lovely. I hope you’ll get more days like this in the near future. I’ve noticed that all parcels I receive from the UK are wrapped in plastic, whereas parcels I receive from everywhere else are simply in boxes, so I assume this has a lot to do with the weather!

  • your style is what I hope to be able to emulate for summer here in Australia. You have amazing taste, and as always, yo look gorgeous! 🙂

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