Ruby Shoesday # 10: When in doubt…

Shoes: Christian Louboutin Very Very wedges, also worn here and here.
Clothes: Polka dot top (Vivien of Holloway); cropped pants (Dorothy Perkins); belt (my mum’s closet). Not shown: white cardigan from Zara for when it gets cold.

(New mantra: When in doubt… get the red shoes and polka dots out!)

Because my life is so glamorous, Shoeperman and I are going to a pub quiz tonight. Now, I’m not really a “quiz” kind of girl. In fact, I’ve never actually been to a pub quiz before, and that’s because I know absolutely nothing. About anything. Well, except shoes, obviously. Unless there’s a category (do they have categories?) on ‘The Complete Works of Christian Louboutin’, then, I’m going to be that girl who’s the last to be picked for anyone’s team (do they have teams?), and who everyone stands around arguing about, going, “Why do WE have to have Amber on OUR team, it’s not fair!”

It’ll be just like high school, then, basically.

I also have no idea what people wear to such things, and I somehow doubt my usual “What Would Dita Do?” (WWDD) policy will be of much use to me here, so I decided to just stick with my summer staple of polka dots and cropped trousers. That’s as opposed to my other summer staple of stripes and navy, obviously. I’ll save that for next time.

I actually bought this top intending to wear it with this red pencil skirt, but I figured that might be a much much for the pub on a Tuesday night…

Don’t think I didn’t consider it, though.

Apparently the prize is a bottle of wine. Wish me luck!

What’s everyone else wearing today? Do you have your ruby shoes on?


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