Nicholas Kirkwood ‘Neon Lace’ sandals

Nicholas Kirkwood Neon Lace

If I was going to wear neon (and, just to be clear, I’m not) I think this is definitely the way I’d do it. Sure, the yellows and pinks used on Nicholas Kirkwood’s ‘Neon Lace’ sandals are definitely bright, but somehow the combination of the two, and the floral pattern, tones the overall effect down a little, leaving you with a pretty summer sandal which taps into the current trend for neon (if that’s important to you) without being overwhelmed by it.

The lace mentioned in the name of these shoes is the pink overlay on top of the yellow leather: an interesting touch, which makes these just a little different from many of the other floral prints that are around right now.

These are £649 at Far Fetch: click here to buy them.


  • I really like these! I think the pink on yellow make them appear almost coral. Really pretty, such summery shoes! They make me want to book a holiday, like, immediately!

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