ShoeperStar: Eva Longoria in Brian Atwood ‘Vanity’ sandals

Eva Longoria in Brian Atwood 'Vanity' sandals

As soon as I saw the photos of Eva Longoria arriving at Late Night with David Letterman last week, I knew I had to get a closer look at those shoes! Luckily the photographer obviously had the same thought, and provided us with this close-up of the heel, which is … unusual, let’s say.

These are Brian Awood’s ‘Vanity’ sandals, and they combine a very classic, satin vamp with a heel which I’m actually struggling a little to describe. There’s fringing. There’s fringing. There’s a kind of rope trim. There’s a hole.

Brian Atwood vanity sandals

Overall, I’m not sure quite what I make of the shoes, but I think Eva made the right decision in pairing them with a simple black dress, and she looks fabulous, as always.

What do you think of these shoes?


  • Like the LBD itself, these pumps will dazzle or otherwise as soon as the wearer puts them on.

    Eva Longoria has such great body language, a real sassy attitude that these shoes work on her. Or rather she is working the shoes.

    Not sure if I would wear the fringing but it’s good to see Brian Atwood looking to find new erogenous zones on the foot.

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