Charles Jourdan ‘Elena’ multicoloured suede sandals

Charles Jourdan Elena

These shoes have a bit of an 80s feel to them, courtesy of both the shape and the colour mix, but my current obsession with pastels is making it easy for me to forgive them for it.

These combine yellow, lilac, pink, peach and green, which will at least give you lots of options when it comes to choosing an outfit to wear with them: black, white, or some other block colour would be the most obvious choices, of course, but you can also just take your pick of one (or more) of the six colours on the upper, and go with that.

The crossover design is even nicer when viewed from above:

Charles Jourdan shoes

Now, wouldn’t those be pretty to look down at?

Charles Jourdan ‘Elena’ multicoloured suede sandals, £304: click here to buy them.


  • I totally love them, they look so fun and I think suede makes them less 80’s than a leather version would. The top-down view of the toe is especially gorgeous.

  • I’m not keen on them… but I do like that you used “multicoloured” instead of “colourblock” to describe them! I don’t know why that word bothers me so much… it’s up there with the phrase “bang on trend”!!!

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