Roger Vivier heart ankle boots

roger-vivier-heart-bootsI seem to have made a habit of showing you every pair of heart embellished shoes I come across on my travels, so I figured boots should be no exception!

These ones are by Roger Vivier, and ironically, although I’m generally a huge fan of the brand, they’re probably my least favourite of all the heart-shaped shoes I’ve been showing you recently: and perhaps the cheapest looking too. This is also ironic, because they’re by far the most expensive at £845, but while the boot itself looks high quality, and is a lovely shape, the heart looks a little like an stuck-on afterthought to me, as do the “R” and “V” logos on the heels.

Highly visible logos are one of my pet hates, so I wouldn’t be wearing these even if they were much cheaper. If you would, though, you can buy them at Colette.


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