The secret to finding the perfect foundation for your skintone?

Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops - change your foundation shade to perfectly match your skintone

As some of you might know, as a pale-skinned redhead, I’m on a permanent hunt for foundation pale enough to match my skintone – a search which I’ve documented extensively over at my other blog, Forever Amber.

The fact is, though, it’s not just those of us with pale skin who struggle to find the perfect match when it comes to foundation: in fact, I’m not sure I know ANYONE who can just waltz up to a beauty counter and pluck a foundation off the shelf, knowing it will match their skin tone perfectly – and even if you could, it would still only be the perfect match at that particular time. I, for instance, go to great lengths to protect my skin from the sun, but it still goes a little darker in summertime (mostly due to all of the freckles that come out!), and an even whiter shade of pale during the winter. So, what’s a girl to do?

Enter The Body Shop, with their Shade Adjusting Drops.

These do exactly what you’d expect from the name: they adjust the shade of your foundation, making it either lighter or darker, as required. You simply add just a single drop of either of the formulas to your existing foundation, mix it in, and it’ll make the foundation half a shade lighter or darker, as required. Need more of a shade adjustment? Just add another drop – easy.

Well, I’m saying that – I should say here that I haven’t tried these personally, so I’m just going by what I’ve read about this product. That’s enough for me to have added them to my shopping wish list, though, so hopefully I’ll get to try them out soon: if you’ve beaten me to it, however, I’d love to hear what you thought of them, so feel free to drop me a comment!

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