Anastasia Bice zebra print bow shoes

I spoke about zebra print shoes just last week, and wouldn’t you know it, here’s another pair, absolutely determined to win my heart.

They may just have managed it, too. These are by Anastasia Bice, who was responsible for an amazing piece of Shoe Kryptonite from earlier this year:

The leopard print shoes will definitely go down as one of my favourite shoes of the year (if you wear a size 35, these are on sale in your size: click here to buy them!), and the zebra print versions are pretty special too, with the pink bow being one of the cutest variations on the bow theme I’ve seen in a long time. I can tell Anastasia Bice is a woman after my own heart, and she seems to be after my money, too, because she just keeps on making shoes I love.

These are £263, so they’re not destined to be sitting on my shoe shelves anytime soon, but if you want to grab yourself a pair, they’re available at Louisa Via Roma: click here to buy them.


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