Miu Miu studded platform clogs in brown and red

They may not be to everyone’s taste – far from it, in fact – but there’s no denying that Miu Miu have made some very distinctive styles this season. The curved upper on these platform clogs are one example of the current “Miu Miu” look, as is the fact that they’re clogs in the first place, for Miu Miu are one of the brands responsible for bringing this style back to prominence this summer. Now, I don’t know whether you want to thank them for that or berate them for it, but as the clog appears to be intending to see out the season with us, what do you think of these ones? They combine satin, leather and a wooden sole in a way that’s pretty unexpected – I don’t remember the last time I typed the words “satin” and “clog” in the same sentence, actually – and the result is a curious mix of dress shoe and day-wear.

If that sounds like exactly the mix you’ve been looking for, you can buy these at Barneys for $490.


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