Charlotte Olympia ‘Valentine’ heart appliqué suede pumps

Charlotte Olympia Valentine

This is the second pair of Charlotte Olympia heart-embellished shoes I’ve shown you this year, and with every pair the brand produces, my love for them grows.

These ‘Valentine’ pumps have the classic, Charlotte Olympia platform, topped with a fabulous suede upper, consisting of lots and lots of hearts in various shades or red and pink. They’re bold, whimsical, and possibly a little OTT for some tastes, but that really sums up Charlotte Olympia perfectly doesn’t it?

It’s a little early for Valentine’s day, but never too soon to fall in love with a pair of shoes (sorry, I couldn’t resist), so if you want to grab a pair of these, you can click here to buy them at Net-a-Porter, where they’re $1,450.


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