New Look turquoise bow-front court shoes

New Look turquoise bow front court shoes New Look turquoise bow front court shoes

New Look turquoise bow shoes, £19.99

These shoes come in turquoise, pink and black, and at just £20 per pair, you could buy all three, and still not be even close to the price of one pair of shoes from a higher-end brand. Can you tell that they cost £20? Well, judging by the photos alone, I probably wouldn’t have guessed them to be a whole lot more than that, but if it’s an affordable pump in a fun colour you’re after, you may well be willing to take the chance.

If you do, you’ll have yourself a cute little shoe in the classic, “bow-front” style. These have a 4″ stiletto heel, which surprised me a little, because I’d assumed they were slightly lower than that, but there you go: it just goes to show that pictures most definitely CAN be deceiving!

My main interest in these shoes derives from the colour: that cool turquoise is my favourite of the three options available (although, it has to be said, my mouse button DID hover over the hot pink version for rather a long time, too!). It’s a colour I’ve always been drawn to, and although it’ll work well with summer florals, it’s a shade that will also take you into autumn, creating a nice contrast against darker shades like black or navy.

What to wear with turquoise shoes?

what to wear with turquoise shoes

dress // blazer // sunglasses // bag // necklace

For once, I decided to steer clear of the florals that these shoes instantly suggested to me, and went for this black and white look instead,  with the shoes and necklace providing a shot of colour. I really like this Miss Selfridge midi dress, which would look equally good worn casually, but if you’re as tempted by it as I was, be aware that it has an open back detail, which (I think) might make it a little bit awkward to actually wear.


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