ASOS ‘Party On’ pointed glitter high heels

ASOS 'Party On' pointed glitter high heels ASOS 'Party On' pointed glitter high heels

ASOS ‘Party On’ pointed glitter high heels, £60

Is it just me, or is there a whole lot of glitter floating around the footwear world right now?

Glitter is something I tend to associate with Christmas, and the run-up to it (so, from about September onwards, then…), but I suspect the summer wedding season may be responsible for the current focus on party-ready shoes. Not that I’m complaining, I hasten to add: I’ll happily oggle sparkly shoes at any time of year, and these ones by ASOS are high on my “shoe candy” list.

These use the same, curvy shape ASOS have been releasing for a while now. I tend to associate this brand more with their amazing dresses than with shoes, but they’ve actually been doing rather a nice line in pointed pumps this season, and although these ones are a little more expensive than some of the styles I’ve featured, the fact that they’re absolutely laden down with gemstones and sequins might explain that! The level of embellishment on these shoes will be too much for some tastes, I’m sure, but I like it, and think it manages to look dressed-up and a bit OTT, without looking nearly as gaudy as I might have expected, had I just read a description of these without actually seeing them.

The shape, meanwhile, is perfect, with a short pointed toe, and a nice, curvy side. Here’s what I’d wear with them:

pink and black evening outfit with glitter shoes

pink and black evening outfit featuring silver glitter shoes:

♥  Warehouse skirt  ♥ Lipsy top  ♥  ASOS belt  ♥  Amazon wristlet ♥ Maybelline lipstick

It’s my favourite pink and black combination again! These shoes would work with a variety of different colours (hence the popularity of silver for evening shoes!), but I picked out the pink from the flower embellishments and went from there!

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