Topshop Unique Thigh High Black Boots

Topshop Unique thigh high boots

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Topshop Unique thigh high boots, £195

I’ve discussed my great love of thigh-high boots so many times now it doesn’t need repeating, so instead, I’ll just get straight onto the important business of why I love THESE thigh-high boots specifically, shall I?

These are from the Topshop Unique autumn/winter 2014 collection, which has just been released. Prices for this line are higher than Topshop’s usual stock, which is why these are just under £200. They are, however. a real leather and suede mix, and as well as helping explain the price, that contrast also explains just why I like them. Combining the softness of suede but the durability of leather, these boots offer the best of both worlds. If you’ve ever shied away from purchasing suede boots for winter, fearing soggy toes, and the general destruction that can happen to suede when its faced with the typical winter elements, these could be the answer: the leather around the foot will be hard-wearing, while the suede on the leg gives the look a softness which will be easy to style.

what to wear with thigh high boots

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Speaking of styling, these look wide enough at the thigh to work with jeans or trousers, as well as with the skirts and dresses I normally pair this style of boot with. I really love them with this skirt, however, which is how they were styled on the Topshop Unique runway. These two pieces were pretty much made for each other, and while neither of them is exactly cheap (the skirt is £165), they both look like the kind of pieces that will stick around for more than just one season, and become staple parts of your winter wardrobe.

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