Topshop ‘Lucious’ Magenta Suede Rope Platform Sandals

This is one pair of shoes I just have to see in person. Bright pink suede? Blue accents? ROPE? There’s definitely a whole lot going on here, and I have a feeling that a photo just wouldn’t be enough to help me make up my mind about these shoes. On the one hand, I adore the colour, and the rope gives the whole thing a vaguely nautical feel (which isn’t something I can normally say about bright pink shoes, to be honest.). On the other, though, something about the idea of having heels tied to my feet with rope just doesn’t appeal.

What do you think of these? They’re £80, and you can click here to buy them from Topshop.


  • I like them! I read someone saying she would feel insecure to walk with just rope and not straps holding her feet, but it’s just like you said: one has to try them on (see them in person) to have the right feeling. Probably the rope would prove difficult to make a knot, but the style is creative and the colors are beautiful! I think they would add a very sexy touch to an outfit!

  • Yay for the bright pink suede, nay for the ropes! I like the idea, but there’s too much rope near the ankle. I would like to wear them to see how they fit of course, but I think I would be too insecure walking in these, and maybe a bit painful.

  • Hmmm…I’m not too sure. I have images of getting fed up with the rope constantly getting tangled when trying to slip them on/off etc etc.

    Just came across this site recently – love it! Can’t wait to keep reading 🙂

  • I think they look kind of weird in a picture, but I can envision them being really pretty & unique actually on. The rope looks kind of silky to me, which goes a long way towards this vision. 🙂

  • I bought these shoes the other day and im in love with them 🙂 They’re so comfortable to walk in and look amazing on, the rope only takes a minute to tie up and stay put once there fastened. The only thing is what should I wear them with and because of the material I wouldnt wear them in the rain they will get absolutely ruined xx

  • They are amazing! Much more versatile than you would think at first to wear, plus getting them in the sale for £4.50 last October, made more than happy to wear them once, and then put them in my room for display purposes only. Only comfortable for a limited time though, still look great when sitting down!

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