Terry de Haviland green ‘Carina’ peep toes

Terry de Haviland green peep toes

Terry de Haviland‘s shoes tend to have a very chunky, 1970s aesthetic to them, and as much as I enjoy looking at them, I’d never really seen a pair that made me want to actually own them.

Until now, that is.

These ‘Carina’ peep toes are just a little chunkier than I’d normally go for (although the fact that this kind of look has been in so many stores recently probably helps make them look a little less “retro” than might otherwise have been the case.) but the gorgeous green uppers have completely won me over. I love the mix of leather and suede, and of green and teal. Most of all, though, I love this:


The way the leather curves just above the side of the shoe. Such nice detailing, and such beautiful colours.

Of course, shoes like these don’t come cheap, unfortunately: these ones are £421, and you can click here to buy them at Spartoo.


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