Shoe Deja Vu: Raffia and suede heels by Cinti and Fendi

These are the second (and third) pair of shoes I’ve featured this month to use the rather usual combination of raffia and suede, and I have to say, it’s starting to grow on me. I tend to think of suede as a rather “wintry” fabric, while raffia is most definitely a summer one (try wearing raffia shoes in Scotland in the winter and you’ll soon realise the error of your ways), buy there’s nothing wintry about these Cinti pumps – or, indeed the Fendi version which seems to have provided at least some of the inspiration for them.

The Fendis are from last summer, and I really loved the flat, off-centre bow. Unfortunately, at £510 they were destined never to be mine, either in this upper, or in one of the other colours they were available in. The Cinti shoes, however, are another matter: at a much more affordable £78, these have a more conventionally shaped bow, but share a similar, light and breezy look, with their taupe suede and neutral raffia.

If you like these, you better be quick – they’re sold out in all but two sizes at Spartoo, so they’re probably not going to be around for much longer.


  • Designer brands have nice things – not always…! – but also many times high street fashion do too. This was the case, in my opinion: I prefer the Cinti ones!

  • HIihihih Great 😀
    I’ve posted about this “deja-vu” some months ago! I’m waiting for Cinti’s sale *_*

    My last shoe Challenge included a similar Cinti’s pair ^_^


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