This Is Not A Shoe Save

You know those days when you have a great idea for an outfit, so you try it on, and it looks exactly how you imaged, and you feel fantastic in it all day long?

This wasn’t one of those days.

No, this was one of those days when you wake up, and it’s raining, and nothing you try on looks right, so you end up throwing on your old jeans (the ones you once dropped longwear lipstick on, and which have never been the same since) and a t-shirt, and calling it “an outfit”. And then you take some photos anyway, because you are Shoeperwoman, and good God, woman, these shoes aren’t going to save themselves, are they?

(Guess peep toes, courtesy of Marshalls a few years ago.)

And then after all of that? You go out in the aforementioned outfit, which you have paired with a pair of silver stilettos, and after an hour or so, you remember that these are the shoes that press down really hard on the top of your foot, and which you never, ever want to wear again, for that reason. And so you put them in the “donate” pile, and realise that all of that shoe-saving work was for nothing.

Ah, well. No point keeping shoes that hurt, is there? Which is why this week I’m also saying goodbye to these shoes, and bringing my shoe total down to 75. Which still sounds like a lot to me right now, but at least they all fit…


  • At least you look happy and prettier than I ever will. And that T-Shirt is totally cute!
    Feel hugged and have a great weekend! 😀

    • Right! I know you have (or had) a “one in, one out” policy. It only follows logically that you should also have a “one out, one in” policy as well. It’s basic math (erm, I think. I kinda suck at math). And you can’t argue with math!

      • I don’t have a one in, one out policy, unfortunately, it was just something I did for a few weeks last year – I probably should have one at the rate I buy shoes, though 🙂

  • 75 pairs of shoes isnt too many at all, I have over 300! Hence why I don’t dare do your shoe challenge, I have just sacrificed 37 pairs to the shoe gods I don’t want to loose more!!

  • I’ve been having the same issue lately. I’ve discovered that almost all peeptoes are bad for my feet. I have super long toes (my boyfriend calls them “finger toes” because they seriously look like a child’s fingers on my foot. As a result, almost every time I wear peeptoes my first two toes slip far out and while the shoes fit when my whole foot is in, when I walk they are toe big. I’ve tried going with a smaller size but that hurts the rest of my foot. And on hot dies my feet will sweat and make the sliding worse.

    I just came back from a mere six block walk wearing a pair of Jessica Simpson peeptoes that I just adore (black with a toe bow and white piping along the rim and bow), but the whole time I was wobbling because I had bad fitting shoes. I don’t want to get rid of them and am wondering if my peeptoe problem would solve itself as we go into a fall cool down (it’s 87 degrees today) so I’m not casting my peeptoes off quite yet, but I fear I may have to eventually.

    • It’s weird, I’ve only had an issue with this one pair of shoes (the other pair were always a half-size too small, I was just trying to convince myself it would work): I don’t know why, because I have others in the same shape, and they’re fine, but those just pressed so hard on the top of my foot! I guess it just wasn’t meant to be!

  • Oh, I loved the outfit! Lovely, really sweet! But I do understand about the shoes. They are gorgeous, but you are right – if they hurt, how can you consider keeping them, when walking is a burden? No, as much as it’s sad saying good-bye to them, no point in having blisters!

  • Oh I know exactly what you mean! I recently decided I’m going to donate a pair of shoes I already saved! They almost killed my feet the other day.. And there’s another pair which I almost saved.. Happily I noticed they’re doing the same as your silver stilletos just before I took the Shoeper Shoe challenge photos.

    • Ah, it’s horrible when that happens – especially if you’ve already “saved” them! I had worn those silver ones all day, and I really wanted to be able to just strike them off the list and count it as a save, but by the time I took them off I never wanted to see the things again!

  • They looked great with the jeans and T-shirt, so it’s sad to see them go. But if they’re no good to walk in you won’t get a lot more wear anyway. But someone will be in shoe heaven right now 🙂

  • It’s actually cool to see you in jeans, they look super cute!

    I’m thinking of having a fairly major shoe cull, as whilst looking at some of them I’m finding it an effort to think how to save them, and if it’s an effort to wear them, surely they don’t deserve saving? The whole point of the shoe challenge I guess!

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