Teal suede shoes with bow from Dorothy Perkins

Ever visited a website and instantly wished you hadn’t?

It happened to me yesterday when I clicked a link on Twitter and found myself clicking “buy now” on a dress in a colour I already have more than my fair share of dresses in (I’ll leave you to work that one out for yourselves, shall I?), and then it happened again today when I decided to take a quick look at Dorothy Perkins, only to find these teal suede shoes featured on the homepage.

Now, I love teal. I don’t have enough teal in my life. And I love shoes with bows: particularly when the bow in question is attached to a strap, just like this one. I can’t seem to see a pair of shoes in this particular style without wanting to pick them up and stroke them, but I think this is the first time I’ve found a pair in thus particular colour, which is why I had to show you them.

While I’m here, I may as well show you the red version, too:

Red, as I’ve mentioned a few times, is a shade than can be hard to get right on shoes and clothes, and it’s very easy for it to look too “brash”. I think that could be in danger of happening here, although I’ll reserve judgement for when I see these in person, because colours can look very different in photographs to how they look in real life, too.

I’ve bought more than enough pairs of shoes already this month, so I’m going to turn away from these shoes and leave them to you. You can click here to buy them.



  • I saw these at a Dorothy Perkins shop in London last week and they instantly caught my attention. (I was actually fairly sure I’d seen them featured on this blog 🙂 ) They are really pretty in real life, too. Particularly the teal one, though I seem to remember the shade is a nuance lighter.

  • I just bought a dress from Dorothy Perkins this week and considered buying the blue version of these ones… but somehow I didn’t… anyway, gorgeous and yes, I had the same feeling: “why did I have to visit the site…” There were so nice things!

  • I keep seeing all these nice shoes (the style reminds me of Irregular Choices Tea and Cakes (??)) but then I’m already thinking about autumn (sorry!) and the fact that I want some green, navy and yellow shoes….different shoes…not all in one!!

  • I love teal as well. And I really like those, both in teal and in red.
    By the way, the feed for this post on my Bloglovin’ was on some other language, like Swedish or something. So strange. :/

      • I use Bloglovin in English too, but I found it strange that only your post appeared in another language. Maybe it was just mine, it seems to look fine now. But I took a screenshot of it, cause I found it strange.

  • I love these! Like you I love bows on straps but I’ve found that 95% of such shoes out there have the bows on the side of the strap (at least if they are Mary Janes). So the fact that these are front and center makes them pop.

    Also, I hear your pain on wishing you hadn’t visited a website. Just yesterday I was browsing urbanog when my eyes fell upon a lovely pair of pumps in a to die for shade of blue about halfway between turquoise and teal, and they had a bow in the back. AND they were on sale for 18.80 so despite the fact that even 18.80 spent on shoes will mean cutting corners somewhere (I’m a teacher so I am always hurting in the summer), I splurged as that site tends to run out of size eights very fast.

    I’ve learned the hard way that while it’s painful to my heart to look at shoes I cannot in any conceivable way afford, it is very painful to my poor abused bank account.

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